Wipe Galaxy S7 Data remotely if you have lost your phone

It can be really hard to accept that your phone is lost. It is one of the most hard things to accepts. But accidents do not ask before coming. If your phone got stolen or you have lost it somewhere and you don’t have any hope to get it back. First thing you should do is to erase all the data present inside it. So that if some stranger gets his hands on it he can’t access the personal information and content present inside it. Erasing all the data can also prevent strangers from accessing your Samsung Pay details along with credit card statements and payment receipts. So if you have lost your Samsung Galaxy S7, here how you can wipe Galaxy S7 data remotely.

Although it must be hard to erase all the memories stored inside that phone in the form of pictures, texts, videos and notes. But if you are sure you can never get your phone back. This is the only option left. Well if you always made backup of your stuff on cloud or your PC. Then you can should not worry about wiping all the content of your phone as you can restore the backup on your new phone.

Note: Its always recommended to make backup of your phone. See this guide which covers all possible ways to backup all your data to your PC or cloud storage.

How to Wipe Galaxy S7 Data remotely

Now moving in to how to wipe Galaxy S7 Data remotely, well we will be using two methods. Both are services which can be used via PC or some other phone with internet access. There are other options in these services which can be performed remotely. You can also lock your phone and set a text on its screen along with your number. So if its not stolen, its just misplaced and someone found it. The phone will display that person a message on screen saying “This phone is lost, contact <your number> to return to its owner”. It will be locked with another password that you will set yourself. You can also make your phone ring using these services, if its silent and you can locate it. Another option is completely deleting all the data present inside your phone. Lets talk about how can you make use of these features.

Wipe Galaxy S7 Data Remotely using Android Device Manager.

Android device manager is tool builty by Google for Android users. It allows a user to use Gmail account associated with that specific phone and using it you can perform number of functions on your phone remotely. Following are few useful features of Android device manager that you can use remotely from your PC or another smartphone to control your phone:

  • You can see location of your phone on Google Maps. Only if your phone is connected to internet.
  • You can make your phone ring at its maximum volume for 5 minutes.
  • You can lock the phone and display a message on its screen along with your contact number.
  • You can wipe your phone completely. Deleting all the data present inside it.

Now lets talk about how can you perform these features on your Galaxy S7 remotely.

  1. First of all head to Android Device Manager website.
  2. Now Login using your Gmail/Google account details. Same email address you used on Google play store or Gmail of your lost phone.
  3. After you have logged in. You will see all the phones associated with that email address.
  4. Select Samsung Galaxy S7.
  5. Now you will see all the details of your phone. Its current location (if its online and connected to internet). If your phone is not connected to internet, you will see the time and date when it was last online.
  6. Now in order to wipe Galaxy S7 data remotely. Click on Erase.Wipe Galaxy S7 Data remotely if you have lost your phone
  7. Read the warning which says, it will delete all the data, including pictures, videos, contacts, accounts, Samsung Pay, credit card details and text messages of your phone.
  8. Accept the warning and click on Erase if you are good to go.

That’s it. If you don’t have access to your gmail account or you never used gmail or google play store on your phone. Use the method below it uses your Samsung account to provide remote access to your phone.

Wipe Galaxy S7 Data Remotely via Samsung Find my Mobile:

Now lets move on the second method if the first one didn’t work out for you. In this method, we will make use of Samsung Find my Mobile to wipe Galaxy S7 data remotely. Well, you can only use this service if you  have enabled remote control option in the settings of your phone. Using this service you can perform number of functions on your phone remotely. You can even unlock your phone if you can’t remember your passcode. If screen of your phone is broken and you cant access the data present inside it because its locked you can use this service to unlock your phone and recover data from it.

Now follow the steps below to Remotely delete all of your data present in your lost Galaxy S7:

  1. First of all Login to Samsung Find my Mobile.
  2. Here you will see all the options you can perform on your Galaxy S7 remotely.
  3. Select Wipe all data.

That’s it. Now all the data present in your lost Galaxy S7 will be wiped.

I hope you were successful in your attempt to save your data from strangers. If you have any issue regarding this guide. Feel free to ask me in the comments. Also do share with us how you lost your Galaxy S7. If you have any confusion in any of the method above. You can contact us without any hesitation.

  • Suryanarayanan

    After wiping out the data, will the phone will be made to factory Rest and the holder of the phone be able to use it again?

    • Yes. He will be able to use it after that.
      He can factory reset the phone himself from the recovery menu and use it. even if you dont wipe it yourself.

  • Suryanarayanan

    When the Galaxy S7 edge is secured by security number lock and tiger print, will the thief be able to jail break the mobile handset and use it?

    • He will be able to use if after performing factory reset. He wont be able to access your data present inside the phone.

  • Vinod

    Is there any way to block the mobile so that he cannot use it even after resetting to factory settings? Like using IMEI, SIM cards etc

  • Patna

    I want to see the illustration by video please

    • It is really very easy to go through the steps mentioned above. Just follow a step at a time and you will easily wipe Galaxy S7 data remotely if you have lost your phone.
      If you have any confusion at any step you can ask me.

  • Nystein

    My old phones is broken and im only getting the option to ‘Lock and Erase’ which causes it to send a request to the phone which i cannot accept.

  • Shams

    using my Samsung Account, i have blocked my stolen device (galaxy J7). Can the thief or anyone else use my phone and go through all the contents ?

  • zainab

    thank you so much, Abdullah.. may Allah bless you!

  • Hilari Escudero

    Hi. Many thanks for the information. I have a question, if the phone is reset after being erased is there a way to retrieve any of the information available on the phone before the reset?

  • Kim

    If it’s offline. Does it really clear everything when it turns on. If so how long does that take

  • Debbie

    I just got my Samsung S7 Edge stolen. Will my memory card contents be erased as well?