Smartphones are very vulnerable to damage. You are using it and in the next second it falls from your hands and its screen breaks up. What are you gonna do now? No one is mentally prepared for such accidents. If you are here reading this; I am quite sure your story is somehow same. If you broke the screen of your phone, I can guide you to recover data from a technical yet easy fix. If you have one of S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen; You can use the guide below to recover the data.

First of all let me tell you the easiest methods to recover the data, which you might have already tried. If you don’t have a lock pattern or security code on your S2 S3 or S4 you can just put on the Data Cable or Use KIES to recover all your data. If you didn’t even backup your data somewhere, then there is just one method left to recover data from S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen that is below:

S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen; Here’s How to Recover Data

There was a time when I broke the screen of my Samsung Galaxy S2. I came across this method which is mentioned below to recover all the data. So I can guarantee you that this methods works. It requires a bit of technical work, but you can’t hurt already broken phone, so it is worth trying. In order to proceed with this guide, you will have to borrow the same model phone from your friend or some acquaintance. Like if you broke a Samsung Galaxy S3, you will have to borrow a Galaxy S3 from someone, the country-specific model doesn’t matter any S3 would do the job.

In this method, you will have to change the screen of working phone with the one you broke. As the data is stored on the motherboard you will have to get the working screen onto the broken phone and transfer your data to your laptop.

Following is the Step to Step guide to recover data from S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen:

The below process might look complicated, but it is very easy. It will hardly take 20 minutes to recover data using the below method from S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen. Just follow the steps below.

  1. First of all, see the tutorial on how to remove the broken screen and wires of your phone from here. The steps to take out screen are also mentioned below.
  2. First, you will have to take out the tiny screws from the back of both phones.
  3. Now remove the plastic cover that is protecting the motherboard.
  4. Now unclip the display cable from both phones, you can see the display clips in the picture below.S2 S3 S4 Broken Screen
    • Display clips of S4 are not present at the same location as in the picture above. In S4 it is present on the upper right of the screen.
  5. Now on the motherboard of the broken phone, clip the display wire of phone with working screen.
  6. Now turn on your broken phone.
  7. Unlock the screen and connect it to PC to transfer data or move the data to SD card.
  8. Reassemble the working phone. That’s it.

After this, you can send S2 S3 S4 broken screen phone for repair or replacement without having to worry about the data in it.

If you have any query regarding how to recover data from S2 S3 S4 broken screen. Let us know in the comments, If this guide worked for you, do give us your feedback. It feels really bad when one gets locked out of all the data and pictures present inside the phone and getting back the data is one of the best feelings. If you want to keep this guide up and running for others, contribute by donating using the button present at the right side of the screen.

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