iPhone not Charging

Sometimes there happens when your Apple gadgets such as iPhone or iPad does not charge when you connect it with a charger. You do your best but still it’s not working. What’s the real issue? Here, we will explain different solutions one by one to fix your problem. All you have to do is to try first method and then second method in case previous one doesn’t work.

Try Different socket or USB port.

There is a possibility that the socket in which you are plugging in your iPhone’s or iPad’s charger is not working properly or the USB port is not functional. To eliminate this doubt, try some other outlet or USB port.

If this does not work then try next method.

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Reset your Device

If trying different outlets or USB ports did not worked then you must reset your iPhone or iPad. To reset your device follow the steps.

  • Press and hold both the Sleep button and Home button at the same time.
  • Keep holding both the buttons for few seconds.
  • After few seconds an Apple logo will appear on the screen.
  • Release the buttons. Your device will do the rest of the task itself.

After your device opens after a hard reset, plug in the charger again and see if your iPhone or iPad start charging or not. If it is still not charging then follow the next method.

Try different cable

There might be a possibility that there is a defect in your cable. At times a cable is working properly but all of a sudden it is not. It could happen due to any reason. To check, get one cable and check if your device starts charging or not. Still your iPad or iPhone not charging? Try next method.

Restore your iPhone or iPad

If the previous method also did not worked, then restoring through iTunes maybe an option to fix this issue.

Follow the steps to backup and restore your device.

  • Open iTunes on your PC.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad with your PC via data cable.
  • Click on Backup. It will create a backup of your device.
  • When iTunes creates backup of your data then click on restore so that you can restore your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, select the most recent backup from the list of backups.

Now, again plug-in the charger and see of it start charging.

Until now, these were all the methods we could try. If all of these efforts doesn’t worked then there might be some other technical issue which you cannot resolve. Now, you should contact Apple Store immediately . You can also call 1-800-MY-APPLE if you can’t go to Apple store.

If you face any problem in resolving the issue by using any of the above mentioned methods, then feel free to ask for the solutions in the comments. Also please share your successful experience of fixing the issue through any of above mentioned methods or let us know if there is any other method.

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