Recover Data from Broken Note 5

Accidents don’t ask before coming. Somehow you broke your Note 5? Don’t worry. I have two methods that can help you to recover data from broken Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stands as one of the most successful phone in Note Series. This phablet has all it takes to be the best smartphone in the market. With smart, sleek and elegant design along with a monster processor inside to execute the tasks. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is powered by Quad-core 1.5: Exynos 7420 along with 4GB RAM. With such processing power, it is a beast indeed without any doubt.  On the downside, its battery cannot be removed, another thing that some people didn’t like about Galaxy Note 5 is that it does not have a microSD slot.

Owning such an expensive and great smartphone and imagine breaking it up. Well, accidents don’t ask before coming, and the last thing you want to do is to end up with a broken Note 5. Well in the guide below, I will write about a trick that can help you to recover data from broken Note 5. Before that it’s just a recommendation that if you buy such an expensive smartphone, to be on the safe side. You should use an unbreakable screen protector and side covers to save it from damage if it falls or something.

Let’s move on to guide If you want to Recover Data from Broken Note 5 before sending it for the insurance claim or before getting rid of it.

Easy things first, if you didn’t have a passcode on your broken note 5, you can easily recover the data present inside your broken phone by connecting data cable and using KIES or just copy paste the data from your Note 5 to your laptop. If you have a passcode on your phone when it got broken then you won’t be able to access the data just by connecting it via data cable. you will have to unlock it before you can access data. In this guide, we will talk about remotely unlocking Note 5. So you can access the data inside it.

Note: Below guide will only work if the motherboard of your broken phone is working fine. As the data is stored on the motherboard. This guide will also work if just the screen is broken and the digitizer isn’t working, but your phone must turn on under the non-working screen.

Recover Data from Broken Note 5:

Now talking about this trick to recover data from Broken Note 5, It’s not hard. This method is just unknown to most of the people. Using this guide, you can recover everything from your broken Note 5 including the contacts, pictures, and videos.

Now, just follow the below steps, then you can copy the data present inside your broken Note 5 to your laptop or computer. But there is one condition, for this trick to work, you have to have Samsung account on that phone which is now broken. Using that Samsung account, this guide will help you to remotely unlock Note 5.

  • First of all, using your Samsung account credentials, log in to a Samsung service named as Find my Mobile.

Recover data from broken note 4 broken screen

  • Now after logging in, You will see a number of actions you can perform on your smartphone remotely.
  • Among these services, the one you have to use is “remotely unlock my phone”.
  • Now after selecting this service, your phone will be unlocked.
  • Connect your smartphone with your laptop or PC and transfer your files to your PC using copy/paste or smart switch.

If the above method didn’t work for you then use the second method below to unlock and recover data from broken Note 5.

Second Method to Unlock and Recover Data from Broken Note 5:

For this method to work. Make sure your Note 5 is turned on. and it is working fine beside the broken display screen and digitizer. This method will work even if the screen on your phone is dead. This method might prove out to be a little frustrating and time consuming but at the end, you will be able to get back all your data present inside broken Note 5.

Let me give you an overview on what we are going to do in order to recover data from broken Note 5. We will connect your phone with TV or a monitor using OTG and HDMI cable. It will project your phone interface on TV. You will be able to use a mouse to move around on your phone interface and click on the option you want to select.


 Note: MHL Adapter does not work with Note 5 anymore.

Now let us move on to the guide on how to recover data from broken Note 5 using OTG cable and MHL to HDMI adapter:

  1. First of all, you will need to connect the converter to your phone. It is a very useful device. Plug one end of the adapter into the charging port of your phone.
  2. Now connect USB mouse to adapter’s USB port. You will be able to use a mouse on the screen.
  3. Now plug one end of HDMI cable into the adapter and the other end into TV or monitor.
  4. Once, you have connected HDMI to TV. Now turn on the appropriate HDMI channel.
    • Recover data from broken Note 5
  5. You will see your phone’s interface. Currently, lock screen on the TV.
  6. Use the mouse to upload all the data either to some cloud service. Or Connect a MicroSD card to the adapter and copy all the important data to that storage card.

Once you have recovered data from your phone. You should wipe it before sending it for replacement. Use this guide to wipe your Note 5 broken screen remotely.

That’s it. I hope this guide was helpful to recover data from broken Note 5. If you have any queries regarding the methods above, let us know in the comments. If this method helped you to recover data from broken Note 5. Do give us feedback.