Add Contact to Android Home Screen

Customization makes Android stand out from rest of the mobile operating system. Android is adored all over the world by the power users as well as lay mans as it offers the user to customise the home screen and look of phone as per user’s will. There are great number of widgets offered in Android, one of the them among many allows you to add contact to Android home screen, so you can make calls or text easily but just tapping on the contact present on the home screen.

There are three types of widgets associated with contacts, one allows you to open contact details by tapping on the contact icon, other one allows you to text that feature and last one is for direct dial.

How to Add Contact to Android Home Screen

Although in order to add contact to android home screen you just have to perform few steps, but most of us have no clue on how to do that. So I will demonstrate the whole process in the following guide.

  1. First of all, touch and hold the home screen. Now you will see two options.
  2. Tap on widgets.
  3. Now you will have 3 types of widgets associated with contacts:
  • Contact 1×1.
  • Direct Dial 1×1.
  • Direct Message 1×1.

add contact to android homescreen

The first option will allow you to open the contact information card. where you can see all the details associated with the contact, his number, email address and other details.

Direct dial widget will allow you to make a call directly by tapping on the icon. After you have placed the widget, you will have to select the a specific phone number associated with that icon. If might even have to specify a single number for direct cdial if that person has more than one numbers in the contact details.

The third option will allow open the default messenger app and you can type in the text and send it to the person that home screen icon is associated with. It can be very useful if there is some person you text frequently. As it will cut down all the hassle to locate the conversation in the messenger app.

That’s it, if you have any issue regarding how to add contact to Android home screen, let me know in the comments. free free to ask us if you have any query or question.



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