Install clockworkmod custom recovery on s2

If you are a power user and you frequently install custom ROM on your phone then custom recovery is a must. In this guide I will guide you on how to install ClockWorkMOD custom recovery on S2. CWM is considered one of the best custom recovery because it has numerous features to offer. Custom recovery allows you to perform number of features that cant be performed while the operating system is running. So that’s why we have to use recovery menu. The reason for using custom recovery is that the stock recovery menu of Android doesn’t allow to install and flash unsigned updates and custom ROMS. It doesn’t even recognises custom ROMS. that why we have to use custom recovery. Now lets move on how to install ClockworkMOD custom recovery on S2.

There are two methods to install ClockWorkMOD custom recovery on S2. I will be covering both in the guide below.

Install ClockWorkMOD Custom recovery on S2 Method 1: (Requires Root)

In this method you just have to install an app and it lets you root your phone. Know that in this method you will have to have your S2 rooted. This method is easy for beginners as interface of the app used in this method is quite easy to comprehend.

  1. First of all root your phone using this guide.
  2. Now Install ROM Manager from Google Play Store. Or Install it from APK file on your Android phone.
  3. After you have installed ROM Manager on your phone tap on Recovery Setup.
  4. Now select the option of ClockWorkMod Recovery under the tab Install or update recovery.
  5. Now you will have to confirm correct model of your phone.
  6. After that select the option of Flash ClockWorkMOD recovery.
  7. ROM manager will ask for root access, grant it.
  8. That’s it. Now ROM manager will download and flash ClockworkMOD recovery on your phone.

After the new recovery is flashed. Turn off your phone. When its completely shut down. Press Volume up, Power button and home button for some time till you see samsung logo flashing.

If you are unable to flash ClockworkMOD recovery on your phone using ROM manager then use the following method.

Install ClockWorkMOD Custom recovery on S2 Method 2:

In this guide we will use ODIN to install ClockWorkMOD custom recovery on S2. It is simple and it will just take few minutes to flash using this method.


After you have downloaded the above prerequisites move on to following steps.

  • Unzip ODIN on your desktop or anywhere you can access easily.
  • Install Samsung Drivers on your PC.
  • Now turn off your phone and make sure its off
  • Press Volume down, home button and power button. keep on holding these three buttons till you see download screen. Now press volume up button to continue.
  • Now Open ODIN. Click on AP. Locate and select the ClockworkMOD recovery (.tar) file you downloaded recently. In the log you will see that your phone is added. If your phone isn’t added, then there must be some error in your PC recognising your phone. Make sure you have installed samsung drivers on your PC.
  • You will see the screen as below.Install clockworkmod custom recovery on s2
  • Click on the options tab and make sure only Auto-Reboot and F.Reset time is checked.
  • Click on Start.
  • ODIN will now install ClockworkMOD custom recovery on S2. As the process completes your phone will reboot.
  • As it reboots, take off the battery. You don’t want it to load the operating system yet.
  • Press Volume up, home button and Power button simultaneously. This time it will take a bit longer to reboot. and the samsung logo screen will flash couple of times. Keep on holding the buttons till you see ClockworkMOD custom recovery menu.

That’s it. I hope it worked out for you. If you have any issue regarding how to install clockworkMOD custom recovery on S2. Let me know in the comments.

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this is good, but unclear in places, eg “As it reboots, take off the battery.” I have no idea what this is trying to do, but it worked anyway.