Galaxy S7 Edge Microphone Problems

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is one of the most beautiful and powerful smartphone of this year. It is stylish and has everything that it takes to be an amazing phone. It has perfect body curves along with the processing power of a beast. It used to be on the wishlist of every Android lover. Those who have already bought it are very contented with it. Some of the users have reported some issues and one of the most common issue is Galaxy S7 edge Microphone problems.

Galaxy S7 Edge was released when Samsung was in dire need of a phone that can make the left out customers something to look forward to. Release of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge was good enough for them and users take pride in owning one. Over the use of phone, some people have reported issues related to microphone of S7 edge and Galaxy S7. While looking into this problem, I figured out some of the potential solutions. I am very hopeful these solutions will help you to fix Galaxy S7 Edge microphone problems.

Many users have reported that the person on the receiving end of a call is receiving very low audio, that makes the speech of other person barely comprehensible. While using speaker or bluetooth the voice is clear but while using the earpiece to communicate the audio reaching the other end of the call is very low.

Solution of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Microphone problems:

Following are some methods that are helpful to deal with this microphone problem of S7 edge. These solutions are handy and you can fix your phone yourself instead of taking it to some phone reparing shop or you won’t even have to get into the hassle of claiming warranty of your phone.

Mostly the problem isn’t hardware related. If everything fails and you’re certain that there is some problem with your phone then you can claim warranty or take it to repair shop. But first try these simple solution or you may call it simple fixes that will take just around 10 minutes of your time. It will most probably solve Galaxy S7 microphone problem.

  • First of all, make sure that the microphone port of your phone is not blocked. Use a flashlight to see if there is something inside it. Use a sharp thin needle to take it out. and then use a blower to blow the dirt away. This is the most common problem. the microphone port is blocked by dirt or something that hinders transfer of audio from the microphone.

See the picture below. Microphone of Samsung Galaxy S7 is located next to the speaker of the phone, the larger holes are of the speaker and the tiny one right next to charging port is a microphone. you need to clean it if there’s something blocking the path.


Note: There are two microphones present in S7 Edge. The secondary microphone is for noise cancelling. So you just need to clean the primary microphone which is present next to the charging port of the phone.

  • Turn off “Advanced LTE Services” in the “Mobile Data” tab. This will fix the loss of voice during phone calls.
  • Although this is not a full fix of the Galaxy S7 edge microphone problems but it can surely help to deliver better quality audio to the other end of the call.
  • Make sure your little finger is not covering the microphone. It’s a common problem for left handers. When you’re attending call sometimes the little finger covers the microphone that’s why other person cant hear you properly over the call.

Factory Reset Galaxy S7:

Most probably the issue is not hardware. It can be a software glitch. which can be solved by a factory reset. If you have tried all the above solutions and still the issue is not resolved then you should go for Factory Reset. 

Make sure you backup all of your data before performing a factory reset as it wipes all of the data present in the internal storage of your phone. It will also deleted contacts and messages. Use this guide to backup Samsung phones.

  • If you don’t know how to factory reset then follow the steps below after making a backup of your phone:
  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  2. Press Volume Up, Home button and Power Button. All at once. Leave the buttons when you see Android figure.
  3. Now use volume buttons to navigate. Go to Wipe data/Factory reset.
  4. Select it using the power button.
  5. Now go to Yes Delete all user data and select it using the power button.
  6. Wait for 5 Minutes.
  7. Now select the option Reboot System Now.

That is all I have got on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Microphone problems and its solutions. If you have any query or issue regarding the solutions above. Let me know in the comments. I will help you guys out. If you have any other solution that you want to recommend us. Do enlighten us. Also, give us feedback if this guide worked out for you.