Misplaced your phone? or it got stolen? Well I have a trick that will allows you to track and locate lost LG V10. All it takes is your Google account that you used on your phone.

One of the worst thing that can happen to you is losing phone. In this era, we are so much dependent upon phones, it is very hard to imagine life without them. Even a day without phone seems like a lifetime. And you feel so left out from all the world. No social networking, no youtube and you feel like a part of you is missing.

How to Track and Locate Lost LG V10 Remotely:

In this guide, we will cover on what to do if your phone is lost. or how can you track and locate lost LG V10. I will tell you every possibility that can be used to remotely access your lost LG V10. We are going to use a service named as Android device manager to remotely access LG V10. It has number of useful features that can be handy to locate lost LG V10.

Following are some of the notable features of Android Device Manager:

Locate: You can locate your phone on Android Device Manager. It will show you your phone’s location on Google Maps. If your phone is turned off or it is not connected to internet then Android device manager will display date and time when it was last online. But for this service to work. You must have location services enabled on your LG V10.

Ring: If you think your phone is somewhere nearby, you’re certain its not lost. Its on silent so you cant even hear it ringing when you try to call. There is a feature on Android Device Manger that will make your phone ring at its highest volume even if its on silent for 5 minutes. So if your phone is silent and you have misplaced it somewhere at home or office. This service can be very useful.

Lock: If you are sure you have left your phone at someplace. And you dont want any stranger to get into your phone and access private data present in it. Then you can remotely lock your LG V10. Your phone will be locked with a new password that you give it to from Android Device Manager. And no one will be able to pass its lockscreen. You can also display a message on its screen remotely. Like “This phone is lost, contact on this number if you have found it“.

Erase: If you are sure that your phone is stolen and there isint any way you can get it back. You can use erase feature to completely delete all the data present in it. So whoever stole your phone. Whenever he will try to turn on your phone. All the data present in your phone will be deleted. If you use this option, then the factory reset protection will be not be present anymore. But once erased, you will be relieved that no matter who has your phone. That person wont have any access to your data anymore.

Now lets move on to the guide on how to track and locate lost LG V10 remotely via Android Device Manager:

You only need your Gmail account credentials in order to make use of this service to remotely access your phone. The same Gmail account that you used on your phone for Gmail, Google Play Store and other services. It’s the same email that you enter in your phone when you power on your phone for the first time.

  • First of all go to Android Device Manager Website or Android App.
  • Login using same Gmail account that you used on your lost LG V10.
  • It will display you all the devices associated with your email address.
  • Select your device that is LG V10 (LG-H960).
  • You will see location of your phone as in the screenshot below. You can also see other options that you can perform on your Android phone remotely.track and locate lost Lg v10
  • That’s how you can locate and make use of number of features on your lost LG V10 remotely.

If you have any questions or queries regarding how to find lost LG V10, feel free to ask me in the comments. I hope you are successful in locating your lost LG V10. If you have any other trick that can help to locate lost LG V10 feel free to share that method with us.

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