How to Zoom in Instagram Pictures on Android and iOS

Zoom in Instagram pictures on Android and iPhone

With over 1.3 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most famous social networks worldwide. From the commoners to the celebrities, you can find almost everyone on Instagram. You can follow favorite stars and keep up to date on what they are doing in their life. You can also follow your friends on Instagram and create your profile to upload pictures and videos. Instagram allows you to put hashtags with your photos, so all the users related to a specific tag can file associated images. It has everything, but you can’t save pictures of someone, and conventionally you can not zoom in on Instagram pictures. Well, I have a trick that allows you to zoom in on Instagram pictures on Android and iOS devices without rooting your device or any third-party application.

Zoom in Instagram pictures on Android and iPhone

The team behind Instagram has kept the app alive even after years. It gets regular updates, and even the old users are still using it. Most people get fed up with a specific application after a year or so. Even after Snapchat came into play, Instagram still has its position. The app offers really cool filters that you can apply to the pictures and videos before uploading them. Now they have also introduced the daily story feature, inspired by Snapchat. The latest feature introduced by Instagram is reels. Reels are basically an Instagram version of TikTok, which are short videos and quite a famous format of social media content over the web these days. Now, being a company owned by Facebook, Instagram is likely just getting all the ideas of other famous apps and integrating them into their app.

Update: Now, you can zoom in on Instagram pictures just by pinching them. This feature is available on Android and the iOS version of Instagram.

How to Zoom in Instagram Pictures on Android Phones and Tablets:

There is a feature in Android devices for partial blind people or special needs people. It allows you to magnify the screen multiple times. You can use this feature to zoom in on Instagram pictures without blurring photos. To activate this zoom-in feature. Follow the steps below:

First of all, go to Settings -> Accessibility- > Turn on Magnification gestures.

For some other Android phones:

Other phones, for example, Google Pixel, Huawei, and OnePlus have different settings. In those phones, you will have to go through the following steps.

You will have to go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Vision-> Turn on Touch Zoom.
All you have to do is go to Instagram, get to the picture, and triple tap on the picture. It will Zoom in Instagram pictures. Next, you can zoom out by triple tapping again. Finally, you can drag the screen using two fingers to move around the screen.

How to Zoom in Instagram Pictures on iPhone and iPad:

Now, if you have iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. You can use this accessibility feature to zoom in on Instagram pictures.

To make use of the accessibility feature. Go to Settings->General->Accessibility->Zoom.

Zoom in Instagram pictures ios


Once you turn on the Zoom feature, you can double-tap three fingers on the screen to zoom in. Furthermore, you can do this to have a closer look at someone’s photos. Beware, don’t accidentally like someone’s months-old picture trying to zoom in. It can lead you into trouble. People who are not used to Instagram sometimes accidentally like the pictures while trying to zoom in by tapping on the screen.

In conclusion, I would like to say that don’t use this feature for stalking people. If you have any issues regarding how to zoom in Instagram pictures on Android and iPhone or iPad. You can ask me in the comments. You can also contact us using the form. This method above is the best trick to zoom pictures on Instagram without rooting your phone or any third-party application.

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