Download Facebook Live Video on Computer Android or iPhone

Download Facebook Live Video

Facebook is the most popular social network of this era. It has taken people by storm. It had 2.4 billion active users in 2019. Along with that, there are 1.62 billion online users at a time—one of the most significant social networking sites. Recently, Facebook has introduced a new live video feature. It allows you to stream videos from your smartphone on your Facebook profile for your friends and followers to watch. Once you end the live video, it is posted on your Facebook wall, and it is visible to your followers and friends. You can personally change the audience for any specific post as well. This guide allows you to download Facebook live videos on your Android, iOS phone, or Computer.

There are some events that you cover using Facebook live video. You allow people from around the world to join you in your special event virtually while they are sitting at their homes. Like when I was at a New year party in Berlin, I broadcasted the live fireworks to my friends and followers worldwide. They loved it, so I wanted to download Facebook live video and upload it to Instagram. You couldn’t even imagine these things in the past. Now it’s a reality; people sitting hundreds of miles away can be a part of an event using Facebook. You can stream live videos of any ceremony or event of any organization using this feature. It is an excellent medium for marketing. You can also use it to broadcast live gaming streams to the public. A Facebook live video is one of the best features introduced by the company.

Videos are a good medium to save memories and some live events are worth saving. For example a concert, football match, wedding event or a school event.

How to Download Facebook Live Video on Computer, Android Phone, or iPhone:

Facebook gives you an option to live stream your page, profile or an event from around the world using Facebook. Just go to the group or page where you want to broadcast, and start streaming. Alongside, you can also tag friends to your live stream or add description or activity.

Moving on to the guide. First, we will talk about how you can download Facebook live video on your PC; Then, we will move on to iPhone and Android Devices. Using this guide, you would be able to save your videos on your device and afterwards you would be able to watch them again.

If you want to download your own Facebook live video, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, locate your video. You can find it by clicking on the videos in the left sub-menu of your screen.
  2. If you are using a phone, tap on three horizontal bars in the right corner of the Facebook app. It will show you all the features of Facebook in an organized way. For example, you can select an option to visit your profile here. Along with that, you can see your photos and all.
  3. Scroll down and click on the see more options. Here, you will find an option named “Videos.”
  4. Now click on the timestamp of the video. The video will open up in a separate window.
  5. Now click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  6. You will see an option to download Facebook live video.

In the following steps, we would talk about how to download someone else’s Facebook live video. If you come across a video of your favourite celebrity or an event that you would like to save.

Suppose it is not your video. Instead, someone else uploaded it on their profile or page, then follow the steps below to download it:
  1. First of all. On your PC. Open Facebook in the browser.
  2. Locate the Live video you want to download.
  3. Then, open it in a new browser.
  4. Change the URL of the video from— to—.
  5. Now the video will open on the mobile site.
  6. Play the video and right-click on it. 
  7. You will see the option to download Facebook live video. Click on it.
  8. Select the location, and the download will start.

That’s all on PC. Now we will talk about smartphones running on iOS or Android.

Download Facebook Live Video on Android or iPhone Device:

Downloading Facebook Live on smartphones is as easy as it’s on the computer.

In order to download video from Facebook App on your smartphone. Follow the easy steps below. You can also follow this method on the mobile site of Facebook on your phone.

  1. Open Facebook App.
  2. Locate the video.
  3. Tap on the arrow next to the video’s title, like in the screenshot below.
  4. Copy the link. Paste it into the Google Chrome browser of your phone.
  5. Play the video.
  6. Tap and hold the video. You will get an option to download Facebook live video on your Android phone.

Note: Things might change with the new updates of the Facebook app. You can ask me if this method is no longer applicable to the latest version of the Facebook app.

That’s all if you have any questions or queries regarding this guide. Suppose you would like to add some other method to this guide. Let us know in the comments. I have covered all the feasible ways to download Facebook live videos on PC, Android, or iOS without any third-party app. If you have something to share with us, drop a comment below.

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