Speed Up PC to play games

We have all owned a Computer from time to time. Whether that being a 10-year-old computer you have owned since the early 2000s. Or One you just bought 10 days ago. You must have noticed that they all share the same problem, being slow overtime. Luckily for you, I am here to fix that problem to ensure seamless performance on tips to speed up PC.

Yes before you ask, some computers can get slow due to outdated specifications. But even for you guys with computers from the past, I have solutions.

Before you try to speed up PC to play games. You need to know what is slowing it down and why? 

Some computers are slowed down because too many programs turned on are using the computer’s CPU, GPU and Ram (Random access memory). Even though you don’t see these apps open, some apps are running in the system tray (hidden) without you knowing. So If your Computer is slow right now, try exterminating those apps.

You can do this by clicking the small arrow down below on your computer. The one left to the Wi-Fi indicator. Once you do this you will see a ton of apps pop up that you probably didn’t know about. Right-click these apps and click quit. You can also close some extra apps using the Task manager, Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

Of course, your Computer also slows down with time No matter how much you try to improve its speed. This happens overtime with updates. There are more processes and checks running in the background and storage being used up.

High-Performance Mode

I’m pretty sure that you can already tell what High Performance is by the name. But let me give you a brief description of how it works. So basically, your computer comes with Balance mode Turned on no matter what. In Balanced mode, the computer limits the potential of the Computer to save some power but the Computer still works fast, but has a limit to save energy.

In Power Saver Mode, the Computer Limits itself too much to save power and you can use less electricity. This mode is great for Laptops as they run on a battery as you will consume less energy and use your laptop for some time. In High-Performance Mode, All this is thrown out of the window because the Limits are Basically turned off and cause your pc to use as much energy as necessary.

  1. In the Windows search bar, type Control Panel.
  2. Over here go to the Control Panel Search bar.
  3. Type Power Options.
  4. Over here you will see all the Power Plans.
  5. If High Performance doesn’t show up.
  6. Click the Show Additional Plans down below and you will see it there.
  7. then just select it and you are good to go.

Be advised that this can cause your Computer to Power cycle if too much stress is put on the Computer.

Disabling Startup Applications to Speed up PC:

When You start up your Computer, you also start up many apps. Where are these apps you may ask? Well, they turn on automatically and use the resources of your computer without you knowing.

If you payed attention while downloading these apps. You would’ve seen this option appear “This app will automatically start up with the computer” so if you look closely next time you can avoid this.

  1. Go to the task manager.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously.
  3. Over here, next to app history you will see Startup.
  4. Head over to Startup.
  5. Those apps with enabled will always startup.
  6. So click them and click disable near the bottom.

Along with that the apps also have written how much resources they use on startup. It could be high, low or not measured. If it is low then there will not be a need to particularly turn them off but it is up to you.

Disable Hardware acceleration to Speed up PC:

This isn’t a tip for computer software but is still useful. This is an option found in many apps and is generally turned on automatically. This is useful for those who love to multi-task and use multiple apps at the same time. as these apps will now not use as many resources and save Ram.

Hardware acceleration means that the app will use all the extra resources available to run faster. If it is turned off the app will get a tad bit slower but it will not be too noticeable. I will be using two common apps as examples, the apps being Google and Discord.


  1. On the Opening page.
  2. Click the 3 Dots on the Top Right of the page.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Then Advanced
  5. Go down to where it says system
  6. the second option should presumably be enabled automatically.
  7. Disable this option “Use hardware acceleration when available”
  8. Done!

Your Google Chrome must be much much faster by now. You will have to relaunch Google so make sure to save your work.


  1. Go to user settings.
  2. Head over to Appearance.
  3. Scroll down a bit.
  4. disable Hardware Acceleration.
  5. Relaunch Discord.

Of course, this is much simpler than Google but still effective.

Buy Better Parts!

This is a tip of some sorts but mostly it is meant to be a Reminder. How would you expect to see your pc work fast if it is old? Go to the store and buy some new parts or heck! buy a new pc in that case.

Yes, I understand that you don’t want to Blow a lot of money on a useless box. What you don’t realize is that modern era fast PC’s are not expensive at all and even if they are, they will save you in the long run.


And that was how to speed pc and make it work faster so you can play games without any lag. If you have any questions don’t worry as you can always ask below. I will answer them to the best of my ability and hopefully, everything goes smoothly. If you liked what you see here and want more tech tips than remember to follow us on our social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter as we post frequent updates there.

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