Note 10 not detected by PC

The Note 10 is one of the most productive and handy phones in the Samsung phone lineup. It sustains a clean and minimalist look because of its sharp edges and bezel-less design. Also, let’s not forget about the most useful and handy feature of this phone, the S pen. The note series is one of the best-selling smartphones of this generation all the way from the blast in popularity since the Note 3 to current era Notes. Although all good things have a downside and some of you may have faced a problem regarding the Note 10 not detected by PC or it’s not connecting to a computer.

You may come along with a notification stating “Samsung Note 10 not recognized by PC”.  Don’t worry because that is apparently a common problem for many other people. I will be discussing many possible solutions to it today. This issue is usually one of hardware but on the off chance that yours isn’t, there is also a software solution.

When you connect your device to a computer, sometimes the computer does not recognize the device and does not allow you to access it. Now there are multiple reasons for this. Some include that your wire is faulty and one of the software ones is that you may have outdated drivers. I have solutions for both of these and more for you. Another variation of this message includes “USB device not recognized – one of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and windows do not recognize it” but it is the same problem.

This problem is a major issue for people as it locks your data from the PC to be transferred. This data may include photos, documents, videos. etc. And it also works the other way around as it locks your pc from transferring data to your phone.

How to Fix Note 10 not Detected by PC:

The best and foolproof solution that anyone can try is downloading new drivers for your pc. You can download new drivers by:

  1. Just navigate to this link, download Samsung USB drivers for Windows PC and install them on your computer.
  2. Once the installation is done. Remove the USB data cable from your PC and connect it again.
  3. Make sure you are using the original USB data cable to connect your Note 10 to your PC.
  4. The problem can also be in the USB port of your PC. Try connecting to some other USB port.

Some other solutions to fix Note 10 not detected by PC include:

  1. Changing data cables.
  2. Changing data cable angles.
  3. Restarting device.
  4. Any firewalls or anti-virus software should be disabled.

If unfortunately none of this works for you then you can try method 2.

How to Fix Note 10 USB Device not Recognised Error:

This is kind of a complex solution on the off chance that the topics above don’t work for you. This method will work by clearing the cache of your Note 10.

Most people think that this method will erase the data on your phone but don’t worry because clearing the cache does not delete any data present on your phone.

Following are the steps to clear Cache Partition of Note 10:

  1. Power off your Note 10.
  2. Now you have to access the recovery mode.
  3. You can do this by pressing the Volume up button and the power button.
  4. Keep holding the buttons until you see a blue screen with the Android logo.
  5. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and go to the wipe cache partition option. 
  6. Use the power button to select this option and clear the cache.
  7. Once that is done, select the reboot system options.

Hopefully, this works as a viable solution for you, and it’s solved Note 10 not detected by PC. Now try connecting your phone to your computer via the original cable of your phone.

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