Change your country in Google Play Store

Sometimes we want to download some app from Play Store but due to unavailability of that app in one specific country we can not download it. What should we do in that case? One option is that you forget that app and find some other app with the same features. What if there is no such app on Play Store as an alternative to that app? In that case, you have an option to change your country in Google Play Store and download the desired app on your Android phone. Changing Google Play store country is also essential if you move from one country to another. After changing the country you also have to update your payment methods along with address.

Google uses the billing address of your default payment instrument in Google Wallet to help determine your home country for accessing the Play Store. To change your location and to access any specific country’s play store, you must have a valid payment method with billing address located inside a country.

You can use any one of the following methods to change your country in Google Play Store. Preferably you should try first method. If it doesn’t work, then you can follow second method.

First Method to Change Country in Google Play Store:

This method is rather easy as compared to the other one. Follow the steps below to change your country in Google Play Store account:

  1. To manage your payment methods, first you have to sign into your Google Wallet account.
  2. If you have added any payment methods to your Google Wallet then delete all. If you haven’t yet added a payment method to your account then skip this step.
  3. Now, add a card to one with a billing address located inside your preferred country.
  4. Now, open Play Store and navigate to any item that is available for download.
  5. Click so that download process may start until you reach the “Accept and Buy” screen. You don’t need to complete the purchase.

Now close Google Play Store and clear data for Google Play Store application by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Tap Google Play Store.
  • Tap “Clear Data”.
  • Clear Cache of play store app.

Step 7: Now, re-open the Play Store. Now you will see the Google play store of your default payment billing country.

Change your country in Google Play Store

Second Method to Change Your Country in Google Play Store:

If you are still facing the same problem then follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your browser and go to Google Wallet.
  2. Go to Settings and change home address.
  3. Now, you have to remove the old address. For that, go to Address book tab. There you will see old address. Remove that address.
  4. A prompt window will open after removing old address. You’ll be prompted to accept the new terms and conditions for the new country.

Now, open Google Play Store on your Android device and follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Tap Google Play Store.
  • Tap “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

You should now see the Google Play Store that matches your device’s default payment billing country.


Tip: You can open the Google Play Store in the browser without being logged in or with another google account. Then you can see all apps without limits. So far this is the most convenient way to see apps normally. The only limit can be that the Google Play Store sees your IP and makes country restrictions, but I am not sure if this really is the case. If yes, you can use a tool to hide your IP. Tools like VPNs or anonymous browsing.

  • Updated (June 25th, 2016): Use this guide to change your country in Google Play Store using two Android phones.
  • Updated (September 9th,2016): One of our visitor contacted Google regarding this matter, following is what he has to say:

“I have contacted google support, basically there are 2 places where you need to update your address. firstly, the one connected to you payment card. And other one is at .com on the right upper corner there is an icon for settings. When you have updated the addresses, go through your mobile to a paid app just before going further then clicking buy, exit google play, go to your android setting. Application and search for google play. Finally, delete app data,  reset settings & delete cache. Go back to your google play store, now it should be working. If not then wait 30 minutes.”

Changing Country on Google Play Store allows you to access the apps of different countries. It is also important if you travel to some other country or you shift to a new country. Mostly, well in my case when I moved to foreign country, the google play store country on my Nexus 6P automatically changed. I even got a email regarding the change of country of Google Play Services.

If you are still facing any problem regarding how to change your country in Google Play Store then let us know in the comments below. Also share with us if you have any other trick regarding the guide above.

  • jemal


  • Anonymous

    It’s not working anymore. I tryed anything I also tryed to spoof my GPS location!

    • Alex

      Best method is to create a new google account using a desktop computer

      set your desired country using your local phone number,

      then add this new account to your phone.

      On google play store, you can switch country by switching the active account.

      No purchase required.

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    • Jodi foster

      I’m new at this

      • I need help accessing google play store app

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  • Ksav

    Useless if you have any credit in your Google Wallet or Play account.
    You have to have LESS than $10 in account to even let you change location and that money is frozen until you change location back.

  • pakai bahasa indonesia dong?

  • Oluwadamilare Oluwasegun Ajijo

    Did all you said but country still not changing

  • Raja Sekhar Gopaluni

    Thanks.. this serves my purpose..
    I have moved to UK and was unable to install any UK specific apps. After the changes suggested by you, I am able to get the apps..
    However, my currency is still as in home country.. may be it will be updated in the due course?? am not worried about it now

  • André Orvalho

    Hi I Just tried both options and I still get the app saying it’s not available in my country. I use to Live in Denmark and moved to australia and I am trying to install an australian specific app.

    • Celina

      Did you figure it out? I’m also from DK and recently moved to UK

      • Abdullah Akbar Shafi

        Hi Celena.
        I have updated the guide. Now check if the latest method works for you.

        Best of Luck.

  • Madiha

    I tried both methods but it did not work for me.

  • play store

  • Sanji

    HI there!
    I have used both methods but Google still bills me in NZ$ when I now live in the UK should be charged in £.

    Is there anywhere else my former New Zealand address might be?? I check my address in the settings & credit card. Emptied cache in browser & app… still no luck 🙁

    Thanks for the help thou!!

  • sachindra singh

    Sachindra singh Dhanai

  • Mohammad Islam

    Somehow it worked. Can not say for sure how it did. Upon following all the steps mentioned above, I could not find the desired app. Then suddenly clicked the 3 bar button on top left, changed the account to a account which has a different country and credit card address, and wow, it worked!

    • I am Happy it worked out for you ….

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    • Ana

      I’d tried everything And nothibg worked, until i change from one account todo another And then ir worked! Thanks!

  • Mark H

    Thank you, this has been driving me crazy!

  • Anonymous

    wallet is’nt available in my country
    What do i do

    • Start from step 4 or try using VPN to access Google Play Store and download the required app. Or look for the APK version of required app that is restricted in your country. Just download it on your phone and install it.

  • elisabeth

    I tried to follow the steps of method 1, problem is I don’t have a credit card in my new country, so I cannot add a valid form of payment. I changed all my addresses in my address book, changed my phone number and all, emptied the cache and rebooted, but still I cannot download the app. Is a credit card mandatory to go further?

    • Hassaan Janjua

      No, its not mandatory. But if its not working for you then try to select “Add a payment method later” and then change your billing address and home location. Remove old address and then try again to download.

  • monbdr

    dude, wen i select the add pament method n enter visa card, later my country bhutan is not coming, do help.


    You must also go into Google Wallet Settings and change the Home Address to the correct country.

    • i hereby need to change my country address to 21 Hill View Dr. Florida NewYork 10921 USA.

  • Abdul Ahad

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH.. I was able to change my country in Google play store to avail a deal present only is USA..

  • Anonymous

    Well, idk what it meant by opening a new tab for the new address I just took and address and filled in the spaces idk what to do can u make clearer instructions?!

    • I am sorry if you couldn’t understand the instructions.

      The second method is when you already have Google Wallet Account.
      Just open Google Wallet account and enter your email and password.
      After that locate Address Book Tab. Click on it.
      Now remove Home address and enter new address (New address should be of the country whose store you want to see in Google Play Store) and click on Save.
      Now that you have changed address and accepted terms and conditions.
      Go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store.
      Clear App data and clear cache.
      Thats it.
      Now Open Google Play Store again. It will have the store of the country you mentioned in the home address.

      • bobby

        hmmm all the fancy words that few can manage..

        google store that lots not use for paid apps,
        even just use pay as you go,
        any apps used are only the free ones….
        acquire a local payg card for the country you intend staying at, with a minimal load on ..
        insert the card , do a complete factory reset , and go from there wit the rest of your settings that you already know,,
        no need insert bank details for some 1 to steal ……………..
        kiss technology, keep it simple stupid

  • Abby

    I’m very unsure about the America Express
    Do I have to pay?

    • Abdullah Akbar Shafi

      No you dont have to pay.

  • mukesh

    Thanks mate but it not worked. i wanted to use paidasks app from google.
    I have downloaded it from here without changing my country but when trying to access it it says not available for my account.

    • Abdullah Akbar Shafi

      Make another account with different address that might work. Make sure you properly follow the guide above to make change the Google play Store address.

      • hi bro, i tested the whole steps but it still not working. Im from Malaysia, so beside changing the home address to U.S (i wanted united states), is the country need to be United states too ?
        Second, after i entered the U.S home address, below the page suddenly appeared stuff like ”verification for US resident” do I need to fill in that? anyway, after i done everything, my play store are still Malaysia and unable to find the U.S apps.
        (Do I need to remove my payment cards everything in the first hand too ? then add them later on ?)

        • Abdullah Akbar Shafi

          Yes you need to enter remove the old address and cards. Update the new address and then enter cards.

  • Bianca

    I tried both steps now. With restarting my phone and clearing cache a couple of times. And it still doesn’t work, it’s still the play store of the other country.
    I even make some real purchases, so that can also not be the issue. It just won’t change. Do you have any other suggestions?

    • Will

      In my case, changing address and adding a new payment and buying wasn’t working ,until I put the payment method as “Default”.
      Then I received a message that my payment method was changed and it worked!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think my google account has been hacked. It says that i bought a sack of gem but i dont even play clash of clan. Plus the address where it connects was from Riyadh, which is not my home country. That is why i am having trouble downloading apps because it tells me that its not available in my country(riyadh), but i live in the Philippines. Can someone help me change my country? I dont have any credit/debit cards so i cant change my country because it requires card id to add address.

    • Abdullah Akbar Shafi

      You need to change password of your Google account ASAP.

      1. Goto Google Accounts
      2. Enter your email address and its password.
      3. Review the security settings.
      4. Change the address. If you are unable to change address. Then make a new one.
  • Usman

    Method one worked perfectly.

  • Izuro

    Delete or disable the payment method or wallet or what the hell they call it.

  • Jonathan

    Neither methods work for me moving from NL to GB 🙁 Why do Google make it so complicated? Reminds me of Microsoft.

  • I have contacted google support, basically there are 2 places where you need to update your address. firstly the one connected to you payment card, and other one is at on the right upper corner there is an icon for settings. When you have updated the addresses, go through your mobile to a a paid app just before going further then clicking buy, exit google play, go to your android setting, application and search for google play. Delete app settinsg & delete cash. Go back to your google play, now it should be working. If not then wait 30 min.

  • sabby

    i dont have any credit card so can u sugest a method in which i dnt need a credit card to change my country

  • simao

    I have money on the 2 accounts I want to move to the USA.
    When I delete my payment method do I lose My money?
    Thank You

  • Desiree

    HI, tried everything that was suggested, still doesn’t work. I bought my phone in Italy and am trying to download Directtv app, Google play store says it’s not available in my country (i’m in the US). I’ve changed the address on my google wallet, changed credit cards, cleared browser, cleared cache…..everything and still can’t get the app. Any other suggestions?

    • Will

      In my case, changing address and adding a new payment and buying wasn’t working ,until I put the payment method as “Default”.
      Then I received a message that my payment method was changed and it worked!!!!

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  • xulescu

    works now

  • Marie Dupont

    It works ! Thank you

  • jay john

    worked for me, but only after removing my Paypal account, under “Payments center”

  • Will

    IMPORTANT: In my case, changing address and adding a new payment and buying wasn’t working ,until I put the payment method as “Default”.
    Then I received a message that my payment method was changed and it worked!!!!

  • alme claro

    wee.. Thanks Mate.

  • Nababa

    not work for me, do all ways on ur site

  • Qada

    Thank you so very much

  • Chandrashekhar

    Simplest method. Worked for me. No address update required.

    Open incognito window on your laptop. Open Google Play without logging in.
    Donwload the app
    It will ask for google account details.
    Enter and it will automatically download the app on your phone.


    • Aladdin


    • John McConnell

      Didn’t work for me. Trying to install app for Canada on US phone.

  • syed

    google play us billing address add how pls help

  • Titerousse

    It doesnt work for me. I changed my country to the UK, no billing method and no purchase, I do not wish to add any of them either, and still, I can’t download my british bank app. Any clues?

  • bartekrem

    I came to the Philippines several months ago but before I was based in France. I tried to install an app only available in the Philippines and it wasn’t working. For me changing the address in my google account didn’t work (and I don’t have any credit card here in the Philippines).
    What worked actually for me was to:
    1) create a new gmail account on my smartphone
    2) go to play store with my computer
    3) Look for the app and connect with my new google account
    4) It worked 🙂

    No need for a VPN or anything else. If you live in the country where the app is available, just create a google account, it should work!

  • Yes

  • s kumar

    google wallet can not be downloaded in my phone .what to do

  • mohammadzikriya

    I want change my nationality in my phone what to do please tell me.

  • Phantoms Zeus

    I have my payment method set to the US. But my play store is not in the US location. Why is this so?

  • Duck Emilie

    I did everything, but when I came to google payments centre step it doesn’t let me to change my country because “one or more google services you are using doesn’t let you change your country” I even cancelled all my google subscriptions, don’t get it

  • Jaaml

    I don’t have a google wallet and don’t wish to do one how can I change it without google wallet