Samsung Galaxy S6 Stuck at Samsung Logo

Is your Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck at Samsung logo when you power on your phone? Then I have got every possible fix for this issue. Move on with the guide. I wish you best of luck. This guide will help you fix your Galaxy S6 if its stuck at startup.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most adored Samsung phone of Galaxy series. It has top notch specs and sleek and stylish body. It has everything what it takes to be number one smartphone. Great processing power with 3 GB RAM and Exynos 7420 Octa core processor. It has good battery life and amazing picture quality.

While tweaking with custom ROMS or recoveries sometimes you end up bricking up your phone, in simple works your phone won’t pass the samsung logo screen. Or it is in constant bootloop. Don’t worry it can be fixed easily. It is soft bricked. There are other ways to fix this issue but this one is 100% working and easy to perform. It might look a bit technical for the newbies who have never tried flashing ROM’s on their phone. But you don’t need to worry just perform the step to step guide on how to fix Galaxy S6 stick at Samsung Logo. Know that it will erase all your data present inside phone.

Galaxy S6 Stuck at Samsung Logo Solution:

The solution that I am going to recommend you for Galaxy S6 stuck at Samsung logo is to flash stock ROM using ODIN on your phone. It will unbrick your phone. It just takes few steps and it is quite easy. The following guide might delete all the data present in the internal storage of your phone.


  • Download ODIN v3.10.7 from here. (Click on download from browser when the window appears).
  • Download Stock Firmware for your Galaxy S6 from SamMobile. And extract it on your PC.
  • Download Samsung Drivers for Windows. (Link to download file is under the main heading)These drivers are to be installed on your PC, they are essential for your PC to recognise your device properly.
  • You will need a computer for this solution.

Selecting the right ROM is very important. If your phone is carrier unlocked and it does not have any carrier branding then you can download ROM of any country that is not branded. To check branding see if logo of some carrier (like verizon or T-Mobile) appears when you reboot your phone. If your phone is not branded then you can flash ROM of any country which is not carrier specific. Make sure you don’t flash unbranded ROM on branded phone. Although, it is recommended to find the exactly same ROM as the one that was installed on your phone before it got bricked. If you found exactly the same ROM as the one installed in your Galaxy S6. Your data wont be deleted.

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Follow the below steps to flash stock ROM on your Galaxy S6:

  • Download ODIN on your PC.
  • Install Samsung USB drivers for windows on your PC or laptop.
  • Now turn off your Galaxy S6 and Get it into Download mode. Press Volume Down, Power button and Home Button simultaneously. Keep on holding till you see a warning.
  • Press Volume up button to continue.
  • Now open ODIN on your windows PC.
  • Connect your phone to your PC using USB data cable. ID:COM will turn blue, its an indication that your phone is connected and recognised by your PC. If your phone is not recognised. Make sure you have installed proper Samsung drivers on your computer.
  • Click on AP or in some ODIN versions PDA .
  • Select the stock ROM with (.MD5 file extension) you downloaded from Sammobile.
  • Make sure Only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time is checked in the options. Like in the screenshot below.Galaxy S6 Stuck at Samsung logo

That’s it. Click on Start and wait for 10 minutes. Now ODIN will flash Stock ROM on your Galaxy S6. Thats how to fix Galaxy S6 stuck at Samsung logo. Your phone will reboot on its own after the flashing.

Note: If the ROM you downloaded extracts more than one file then follow the three additional steps below:

  • Put the BL file in BL tab.
  • Select CP tab and select the CP file in it.
  • Select CSC tab and select HOME_CSC file in it.

If the flashing is unsuccessful. Try again using some other version of ODIN.


If you are reluctant to flash stock ROM using ODIN to fix Galaxy S6 stuck at Samsung logo or Bootloop. Then use Smart Switch. It’s an official software from Samsung and very easy to use. And it does the same job. Watch the tutorial below.

If you have any query regarding how to fix Galaxy S6 stuck at Samsung logo, drop a comment below. You can also give your feedback in the comments. If you have any other issue feel free to ask me in the comments.

  • Johannes Laub

    Oh man i am sooooo lucky that i found this post man thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much hope carma helps you out some day thank you thanks a lot many thanks

    • I am glad it worked out for you.!
      You can help us by sharing the different posts of this site with your friends and on your social networks.
      We are bunch of College guys working to help others by making Guides on Android phone problems and their solution.

  • Nathan

    i cant fix that yet .

    • Did you try the above procedure as it is?
      If you need some help. You can ask me. This is proven solution if Samsung Galaxy S6 is stuck at bootloop at startup.

  • Jc

    I’ve tried Odin v3.07, 3.09, 3.10.6 and 3.11.1 but they don’t Work. 3.10.6 says a fail while the other 3 just don’t even start properly. Can you help with this?

      • are you on windows?
      • are you running as admin?
      • are you starting ODIN before you plug in your phone to get into download mode?
      • make sure KIES anything is not running it will make odin FAIL everytime

      Sorry for the questions but these are some issues that could cause ODIN not to work.

  • Alicia

    I’ve tried 2 different versions of ODIN including the latest. it says PASS when it´s finished but the phone is still stuck on the Samsung logo. please help

  • Matt

    I have no idea if I am doing this right. I downloaded the driver, the Odin and the firmware. I clicked on start (Com was Blue) but, I do not know if anything happened. The T-Mobile rep could not do anything to fix this issue. I am also trying to wipe it in order to get my upgraded phone.

    • Did you download the right ROM from SAMMobile?
      Downloaded the ROM extracted it and then selected it after clicking on AP?
      After you click on start on the right side of ODIN you see the log where it stats if the flashing is successful or not.
      If its successful. your phone will reboot and it wont stuck at logo.
      If it still gets stuck at logo make sure you are using the right ROM according to your carrier that is T mobile and your country.
      Best of luck.
      Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

      • Anonymous

        Sir it passed on ODIN but when rebooted my s6 stuck in samsung startup. please help sir. Thank You!

      • Mac

        Sir it passed on ODIN but when rebooted my s6 stuck in samsung startup. please help sir. Thank You

        • You might have flashed the wrong ROM on your Galaxy S6. Make sure you download the right firmware for your phone.

  • Haseeb

    Does flashing via Odin erase all data? Is there a way to do this without losing data?

    • If you are flashing exactly the same ROM which is running on your phone then you wont lose data..

  • Anonymous

    thanks so much i was freaking out but this really helped for some reason the sammobile wouldnt let me download the firmware tried like 20 times and it worked after a week or 2 thanks again dude ur a lifesaver

  • Moe

    Hi, Is there any way I can save the data on my phone? I don’t want to lose everything. Please help.

    • If you will flash exactly the same firmware on your phone, which is running right now. Your data wont be lost.
      Also if you use CSC_HOME of your current firmware instead of the downloaded firmware. Data wont be lost.

  • Alex

    my phone wont even let me get to the custom download using the volume up, home button and power button trick. and even if it does work i can’t see as all i see is the samsung logo screen till it disapears then im left with a black screen with the blue led light.

  • Jason

    Thank you so much for the information! The people at Verizon told me to do a factory reset to reboot the phone. I am glad to have listened to these instructions instead.

  • Rodney Spears

    I went through the steps (and paid the $17 for the SamMobile fast download), it looked like it was working, had the download progress in Odin and on the phone screen. Odin finished and it said success…….but phone rebooted and is still stuck at the logo screen. I tried the Odin version you have on the page, as well as the latest version, same results. I went ahead and ordered a new phone, but still would like to get my documents off of this phone.
    Any additional recommendations??

    • Are you sure you installed the right firmware?
      If flashing firmware didnt solve the issue, then most probably there is some hardware issue with your phone not software.
      Best of luck.

      • Rodney Spears

        Good question; I just took the latest one for the SM-920V since it was just a security patch and the phone has been working since the release of that version in January. Guess I could just try the other four previous versions. What harm can it do?? Thanks again!!

        • Try to Match CSC and PDA of firmware with your phone’s firmware. You might not be able to figure out CSC and PDA when your phone is dead. Just go for the firmware according to your country and Brand of phone (if there is any e.g. Verizon, T-Mobile)
          And you really didnt have to pay to get that firmware.
          Best of Luck

        • Match CSC and PDA of firmware with the phone’s firmware. But as the phone is not working you might not be able to figure out PDA and CSC. So just go for the firmware of your country along with brand of phone if there is any like (Verizon, T-Mobile)
          You didnt really had to buy the Sammobile fast download.
          Best of luck.
          Let me know what happens.

  • conner peden

    ive try’d to flash stock but it crashes at hidden.img everytime and with any firmware i use for my phone, please help me get this bit sorted as phone will work if can get the flash to finish with a pass