Error 70 while installing gapps

CyanogenMOD or Lineage OS open source project does not have permission to install the Google apps (Gapps) while flashing the firmware. Before 2009, Cyanogenmod came with preinstalled Google apps. But later on Google asked CyanogenMod founder to stop including Gapps in CM ROM. Reason was that cyanogenMOD can be installed in devices which do not have license to have Google apps. For days development of CyanogenMOD rom was stopped. Internet was full of android users while heart full of hatred for Google. Then an alternate method was found to introduce Google Apps in CM. The method was to flash the Gapps on your own. While flashing you might come across many errors, one of the most common is error 70 while installing gapps.

Installing Gapps on Android phone is same like installing custom ROM. You just have to flash it using custom recovery. Use this guide if you don’t know how to flash custom rom and Gapps on Android phone. Now moving on the solution of getting Error 70 while installing gapps.

How to Fix Error 70 while installing Gapps:

Few days back, I was flashing custom ROM on my Android phone. I flashed the firmware and when it came to flashing Gapps. An error occurred.

It was Error 70: Insufficient storage space available in system partition. (This error is pretty common while flashing gapps, so dont worry).

After spending a lot of time I figured out it solution. One solution is re-formatting system partition and increasing its size. Its troublesome, technical and can get your phone bricked. The solution I came across is very easy, and anyone who can flash custom ROM can do this.

Solution is simple. Get the smallest package of Google Apps (pico) and flash it in your system.

Use the following guide if you don’t know how to get Pico package for your custom ROM.

  • Go to OpenGapps.
  • Select Pico Variant. It will give you all the Google Play Services and few Google Apps. It has small size and good enough for your phone to perform background google android services. If you want other Google apps, you can later on install them from google Play Store or APK file.
  • Select Appropriate Platform/Architecture of your System. (If you are not sure about your phone architecture see this guide.)

If you dont understand the terms used in the guide above, then match up the terms below with your phone’s architecture:

  • ARM: ARMv7 or armeabi.
  • ARM64: AArch64 or arm64.
  • x86: x86 or x86abi.

Consider following details of CyanogenMOD before selecting appropriate Google Apps:

  • CyanogenMOD 13: It is AOSP of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
  • CyanogenMOD 12.1: It is for Android 5.1.
  • CyanogenMOD 12: It is for Android 5.0.
  • CyanogenMOD 11: it Is for Android 4.4.

I hope above solution helps you to fix error 70 while installing gapps. If you have any other error while installing custom ROM or gapps on your Android phone, let me know in the comments. You can also share any other solution of this error 70 while installing gapps. Do give us feedback if above solution works out for you.

  • James

    Hello still having same error inspire of choosing pico package

    • If the problem still persists, then you will have to increase system partition size.
      Best of Luck.

      • Aman

        How can I increase system partition? Can you provide a detailed walk through for the same?

        • Keshar Singh

          i also want the same information that you are asking about

    • Nagabalaji

      Bro please change your recovery or update the recovery to lower version or highest version so I also affect this problem so my recovery is twrp 3.0.2 I was downgraded twrp 2.0.1

  • Dan

    Cheers man, worked for me

  • George

    Try downloading this instead, it worked perfectly for me.

    download it. then use twrp to install.

    • Where you got it from? give source.. Otherwise we are not sure if its authentic or some malware.

  • Anonymous

    works great.

  • Dan J

    Fantastic. If you haven’t got the space then don’t install the apps. How about this one: if GApps is having problems, then don’t install it. Absolute Great article.

  • Leandro Brandão

    My phone is a wiko rainbow (micromax canvas a120) with 4gb.
    I have cm14.1 to flash
    My architecture is arm
    i have download the pico gaps and still having the error code 70
    Can you help me

  • Ramon Hugo

    Attention Nexus 7 2013 users! You should install Open GApps Pico, or Aroma WITH NO APPS. The explanation is very simple: You don’t need the Apps to be installed in the System partition. You can install them after, using the Play Store, in the Apps correct partition. The only difference of this kind of installation is that you can uninstall the Apps. On the System partition you usually can’t, except by using Apps such as Titanium Backup Pro.

  • Anonymous

    I have nearly 2gb space in system still unable to install gapps in yu yureka 64 bit phone tried all stock,pico varient of gapps unable to fix also using update twrp version.

  • jf_moreira

    Man, thanks a lot for your tips, it helped to conclude having LineageOS working in my XT1068, THANKS!

  • Mark

    Many thanks for that!!

  • Bruno Vera