Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is one of the most successful smartphone of Galaxy Note series. It was released back in August 2015. People who are obsessed with S pen are still happy with the Note 5. Just today, Samsung has started releasing OTA updates for Android Nougat on Galaxy Note 5. If you cant wait for the update follow the guide below to update note 5 to Android Nougat 7.

Note 5 comes with a S-pen. It has sleek and stylish design. Note 5 also supports wireless charging. The display screen is Quad HD super AMOLED of 5.7 inches. It is running on Samsung’s Exynos 7420 supported by 4GB of RAM.

Update Note 5 to Android Nougat 7:

In december last year. Samsung started beta testing program on Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to test Android nougat on their devices. After weeks of testing, an official version was released for Galaxy S7. Gradually, other devices like Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge+ also started getting the Nougat update. Now it looks like, the turn of Galaxy note 5 has arrived. The first news on Android Nougat on Note 5 comes from Turkey. Where people can now update Note 5 to Android Nougat 7 via OTA updates. It sometimes takes months to cover all the countries with OTA updates. So if you can’t wait, then use the guide below to update Note 5 to Android Nougat. In this method, we will be using Odin to flash the latest firmware on Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Update: Galaxy Note 5 Nougat update rolling out in multiple countries Middle eastern countries.

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Install Android Nougat 7 on Note 5 via ODIN:

Although the process below is simple, but it is not the official way. Official way to update Note 5 to Android 7 is via OTA updates or by using Smart Switch. If you can’t wait for OTA then use the guide below to flash Android Nougat on Galaxy Note 5.


Following are some prerequisites that you will need to download on your Windows PC before you move on to the guide to get nougat on Note 5:

  • Download ODIN V3.12.3  (Click on download through browser when the window opens).
  • Enable USB Debugging and Enable OEM Unlocking from Settings:
    • Goto Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Build Number for 7 Times.
    • Now, go back to Settings -> Developers Options.
    • Locate and Enable USB debugging.
  • Download Samsung Drivers for Windows. (Link to download file is under the main heading)These drivers are to be installed on your PC, they are essential for your PC to recognise your device properly.)
  • For Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920C.  Download the firmware from here.
  • Users of Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920G. Download the firmware from here.
  • For other versions of Note 5. Search for the model of Note 5 here and locate the Android Nougat firmware respective to your Note 5 model.
  • Download the firmware from above. Most of the above firmwares are unbranded and will run with any unbranded Samsung Note 5. Make sure your phone is unlocked not branded with any carrier. The links above are from Sammobile, most reliable to download firmwares for Samsung mobiles.
  • Turn off KIES on your PC.
  • Perform Clean flash. It is recommended (not essential) that you factory reset your phone before flashing new firmware.
  • Knox is not triggered after flashing as this firmware is signed by Samsung. (You’ll not lose warranty.)

Note for Pros: If you dont want to perform a factory reset and lose data. Although factory reset is recommended before flashing new firmware to get best experience. Download firmware that you are using right now on your phone. Use its HOME_CSC file instead of CSC file from the downloaded firmware in ODIN.

Now lets move on to the guide on how to update Note 5 to Android nougat 7:

  1. First of all, download ODIN on your PC.
  2. Install Samsung USB drivers for windows on your PC.
  3. Download the right ROM for your phone and extract it on your desktop or anywhere it is easily accessible. Extract the .zip file to get .tar or .tar.md5 file.
  4. Now turn off your Galaxy Note 5.
  5. Get it into Download mode:
    • Press Volume Down, Power button and Home Button simultaneously.
    • Keep on holding buttons till you see a warning.
    • Press Volume up button to continue.
  6. Now open ODIN on your windows PC.
  7. Connect your Galaxy Note 5 with your PC via data cable.  The ID:COM section on ODIN will turn blue, like in the screenshot below. Its an indication that the PC has recognised your device.
  8. Click on AP or in some ODIN versions PDA.
  9. Update Note 5 to Android Nougat 7After that, locate and select the firmware you downloaded for your phone.
  10. If the firmware you downloaded extracts more than one file, then select the corresponding section according to file type BL belongs to Bootloader, AP belongs to PDA, CP belongs to Phone(Modem) and select CSC file in CSC tab. ( Mostly you just need to select AP/PDA file like in the screenshot)
  11. Make sure only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time is checked in the options. DO NOT CHECK REPARTITION.
  12. Click on Start.
  13. Now, wait for 4-5 minutes. Don’t disconnect your phone from your PC while ODIN is flashing because it can brick your phone. Wait even if it takes time.

Finally, when the flashing will complete your phone will reboot. And it will be running on Android Nougat 7.0 version. After the flash, it takes about 7 minutes to reboot. Do not panic and try to restart or shutdown your phone.

That’s all, If you have any questions or queries regarding how to update Note 5 to Android Nougat 7. Let me know in the comments. Do share your experience after you update note 5 to Android Nougat. Experience of latest update is great on Galaxy S7 and S6. Do let us know about Note 5.


  1. Don’t bother downloading the Firmware upgrade unless you join Sammobile as a Premium user. It will take 2 HOURS TO DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. good illustration. i am having a problem with my N920C being recognised on odin. i have tried different USb cabels, still the same. the blue indicator wouldnt turn on. The phone connects easily with my PC, not just possible on odin.

  3. Awesome guide finally found a valuable article , I was little worried about this update , now I can do it without any issue.

  4. I had a bad experience in updating my note software. Previously I updated my note 3 to android 5 then it became worse…battery Google backup..usually hot and so. Now I scared to update my note 5 to android 7. Advice plz

    • Android Nougat is optimised for battery saving and using minimal resources. It is highly recommended that you update your phone to the latest version. Back in those days, the new firmwares were focused on new features. These days, each new firmware comes with optimization to save the battery and phone’s resources.
      Android nougat on Note 5 will make your phone faster and more efficient. You will also notice a great improvement in the performance.