Fix Note 5 RAM Management Issues

Note 5 is the latest flagship of Samsung in 2015. This is the smoothest device with shiny large screen. It came up with extremely strong Camera and a good battery life. Note 5 is one of the slimmest smartphones in the market. It has 4 GB RAM with Quad-core 1.5 GHz but still users of Galaxy Note 5 are facing some issues.

Many users of Galaxy Note 5 are complaining against Note 5 RAM management. Well, there is always a solution to a problem.  You can fix RAM management issues if you have a rooted device.

There maybe other methods to fix this issue but here we are following the solution by editing build.prop’s DHA properties.  If you don’t know what is build.prop you should read about this before start editing it. Android system properties file which are located under /System partition are build.prop files.

You can find all the necessary information for your device specific build. Android OS allows you to make some editing in this file and can make some alterations in Android. Here, we are going to use this to free up RAM which will finally make your Android device more constructive.

Note: For precautionary measures, make sure that you made a backup of both your build.prop file and your ROM before editing your build.prop’s DHA properties. Follow this guide at your own risk.

Fix Note 5 RAM Management Issues

See the following guide. By following it you can fix Note 5 RAM management issues by following the steps enlisted below.

Step 1: Download and install a Root file manager from the link given below.
Download Root Explorer
Step 2: Once Root Explorer is installed in your device, open it.
Step 3: Browse to System/ in Root Explorer.
Step 4: Now, you will find a build.prop file here. Copy this file and paste it to your device’s internal or external storage.
Step 5: Now, establish a Mass Storage connection to your PC via USB cable. You can also connect in MTP mode.
Step 6: As we have mentioned above, for a safe side, create a backup of your build.prop file. So, transfer the build.prop file from your device to any suitable location on your PC.
Step 7: Now coming to the editing part, you can edit the build.prop with any simple text editor or any available app. To start editing the build.prop file, open it in any text editor.
Step 8: After opening the editor, start editing the file according to the list given below.
Fix Note 5 RAM Management Issues
Step 9: When you are done with editing, save the file and transfer this file back to the device’s internal or external storage from where you first pick it. (Just make sure that t overwrites the existing file)
Step 10: Now disconnect your Note 5 from your PC.
Step 11: Open Root Explorer on your device.
Step 12: Copy the modified build.prop to /System/.
Step 13: Now, change the file permissions. Change it to rw-r-r-
Step 14: Press and keep holding the build.prop and then press “Permissions“.
Step 15: Now, set permissions as given below.
Fix Note 5 RAM Management Issues
Step 16: Now, just reboot your Note 5.

These steps will help you to fix Note 5 RAM Management issues. If you have any query regarding how to fix Note 5 RAM management issues then let us know in the comments below.

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I dont really understand why are you editing those lines in build prop i dont see any dha lines you are changing other things yhat i dont know how will it fix ram of note 5