Note 3 Slow Charging Problem

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back in September 2013. The phone has exceeded its expectations and its sale numbers are staggering. The 5.7 inch screen was all that the world wanted to get their hands on. From high quality videos to the interactive S Pen, this phone had pretty much everything. This phone introduced us to the use of Group Play which lets Samsung users interact with each other like never before. Not to forget the handy Samsung Galaxy Gear which could do just about anything. Like any device it did come with some issues, not at first but after a period of time there have been some glitches, most importantly, the Note 3 slow charging issue.

Note 3 Slow Charging Problem:

It was not an issue at first for a lot of Note 3 users, but a one that started to occur after a period of time. There have been complains that the charging fails to complete or that the bar goes up very slowly. There are a number of ways in which you can preserve life of your battery and maximize your phone battery span by resolving Note 3 show charging issues. Some of them are discussed below.

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Here are some of the remedies to help with the Note 3 Slow Charging:

  • Make sure you are using the charger which came along with the Note 3 handset. It is vital that you keep using that original one because once you start plugging other chargers, the phones charging speed will vary with the period of time.
  • Make sure to keep charging the phone till the green light is on indicating that the charge is full. Also try to plug in your phone to charge only when there charge has depleted to less than 20%. This preserves your battery and this remedy can be used on any device like laptops or tablets.
  • The charger could be faulty in some cases, do your best to ask for a new one from the Samsung store as soon as possible.
  • Blow air into the charging port, or carefully brush the charging port of the Note 3 with a soft thin toothbrush.
  • Sometimes the charging cable gets bent and becomes loose then you may need to get it changed. Try to keep the charging cable in places where it is not hanging so it does not get bent out of shape.

These methods might not totally fix your Note 3 slow charging problem, but it sure will help a lot in preserving the battery life. If you want a better battery life, always follow the mentioned remedies immediately after the purchase of your set. Do give us your feedback whether if this article helped you in any way or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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Gerry Murray
Gerry Murray

These have been tested and do NOT work on any custom ROMs. This would only work on Stock Rooted devices.
Just a heads up for all who try.