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Almost every Android user installs applications from Google Play Store. Though, Android is much more than Play Store or Google services. There is a list of amazing and interesting APKs that are not available on Google Play Store. Here is a list of best APKs of Android Apps that are not present in Play Store.

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Best APK for Downloading Torrents

Transdroid is best APK for all torrent lovers out there. It manages your torrents remotely. It supports seedboxes and home servers. You can perform many tasks from within the client, including start, stop, add torrents and even set priorities.

It also supports other torrent clients such as uTorrent, Deluge, Vuze etc. An older version is available in Play Store known as Transdrone. But if you want to get the latest version, then go for Transdroid APK. You can enjoy the integrated torrent search and RSS feeds.

Download Transdroid

Best APK for Streaming

VideoMix is an amazing app that lets you stream your favorite movies and TV shows online. First, you have to find the movie or show you want to watch. After you found it, then just tap it. After that, it will ask you for the site for streaming, pick one, then choose a video player in which you want to play the video in. Moreover, there is an option to integrate IMDB with the app. You can also find related torrents.

Download VideoMix

Best APK for YouTube Ripping

If you want the most functional Youtube ripper then you should go for Videoder. It is a fantastic app where you can search for any Youtube video you want to watch. The app provides multiple formats for downloading. You can also download in 1080p and MP3.

Download Videoder

Best APK for gaming

After recent updates, Humble Bundle is no longer available in Play Store. This app allows you to manage your Android Humble Bundle games library. It also receives updates on when next Humble Bundle will be available.

Humble Bundle lets you pay for whatever you want to download a lot of games. The paid money gets divided between the developers, the website and charities.

Download Humble Bundle

Best APK for Launcher

LMT Launcher is an interesting APK that doesn’t require root. There is a detachable menu that opens into a fan shape. It also shows different shortcuts. You have to swipe from any edge of the screen toward the center in order to open the menu. As it is a customizable menu so it allows you to add your preferred options. LMT launcher has it all to be in the best apks outside Google Play store.

Download LMT Launcher

Best APK for Modders

CyanogenMod Installer is another interesting APK. It guides users to activate an ADB to install the CyanogenMod ROM. ADB is a debugging tool. CynogenMod Installer helps a program that transmits this data to smartphone.

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This APK didn’t stay in Play Store for a long time, but is still popular. The apparent reason of being removed from the Google Play Store was that this APK was against the guidelines for developers as it pursue users to void their warranty.

These are the best APKs that are now not present on the Play Store. If you know any other top rated Android app APK then share with us.

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