It might be hard for you to believe, but even sometimes google come up with things that don’t work out as expected. We will be talking about Google apps that have just few downloads, and not know but much people. So I tried some lesser known google apps and came up with the best ones. These apps deserve more attention than they recieve, so I thought I would share them with you.

5 Lesser Known Google Apps

Following are some lesser known google apps, which I thought are great and worth giving a try. Check out these apps and download them, if you find them interesting enough.

Primer Google

Primer helps you learn marketing skills. Google is at the best place to tell you and guide you about marketing and its tactics. The lessons in the apps will be very helpful of you are trying to launch your product online, It can turn out to be great as it is all done with material design.

Here is the Link to download it from Google Play Store.

lesser known google apps

Arts and Culture

This is one of the most amazing apps I saw while conducting my research. It has 50K downloads, considering the norms of google that is very few. Arts and Culture will let you explore the landmarks, heritage sites and museums through the 360 tours.

Download Arts and Culture from Google Play Store.

lesser known google apps


Snapseed allow you to edit your pictures. It has great number of features as compared to the editing options in the Google photos app. Its interface its really very easy to use and it has a lot of features that can be used to enhance your pictures.

Download from here.

lesser known google apps

YouTube Creator Studio:

YouTube Creator studio is a great app for the people who have their YouTube channel. If you use YouTube not just for watching videos, but you have a channel as well. and you have to moderate the videos and the comments as well. Then this is the app you need to download and install on your Android phone.

Download YouTube Creator Studio from here.

lesser known google apps

Device Assist:

Its really troublesome for some people to learn use of Android phone, most of all our parents when start using a smartphone, its really hard for them to understand the functionality. Device Assist is a great app that can be used to generate tips based on the difficulty level. This app can also give live support to the people who need some help going through the features or performing some action on the phone.

Download Device Assist

lesser known google appsAlso Checkout:

That’s all from my side, I hope you will download the above mentioned 5 lesser known google apps and give them a try. Don’t forget to give feedback about these apps, I think these are quite useful but they are targeted to specific consumers that’s why these apps didn’t do much in the playstore, nevertheless these apps are cool enough to give them a try. If you think there should be some other app in the list of lesser known google apps, let us know in the comments.

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