unlock Bootloader of Nexus 5

First lets talk about why you need to unlock bootloader of Nexus 5. Main reason is to root the devices and install custom ROMS. Although these days people prefer to stock android over the customs ROMS. But unlocking bootloader and rooting your phone allows you to use root apps and mess with the settings that operating system does not allows in stock ROM.

The reason why Android devices come with locked bootloader is to to ensure security of your phone, a device with locked bootloader wont load the existing operating system on the hardware, bootloader will refuse to install any custom operating system. Another reason is that the manufacturers want you to use their operating system on the hardware of their phones.

How to unlock Bootloader of Nexus 5

For Nexus 5, there is a quick way to unlock bootloader, but as a result you will lose all your data on it and you will get your phone with unlocked bootloader. After that you can install custom ROM on it.

Know that unlocking the bootloader wont root your phone, but it will wipe all your data. Let move on to how to unlock Bootloader of Nexus 5:

First of all download this tool for Unlocking Bootloader (This is developed by trusted Android/XDA-Developer named as Chainfire).

  • You might also need to download Google USB driver on your laptop (Google USB drivers are required for windows OS in order to perform adb debugging of Nexus devices)
  • Unzip the Tool.
  • Open Command Prompt and using commands get into the folder where tool is present. (Use CD to change directory)

As in the screenshot below.


  • Boot your Nexus 5 on to bootloader/fastboot mode. ( Turn off device then press and hold Volume up + Volume Down + Power Button)
  • Connect your device to your laptop/PC using USB.
  • Set permissions for the fastboot file if you are on mac or linux: “chmod +x fastboot-linux” or “chmod +x fastboot-mac”.

Now enter the command below, with respect to your operating system.

fastboot-linux oem unlock

fastboot-mac oem unlock

fastboot-windows.exe oem unlock

That’s it, Now you have successfully unlocked bootloader of Nexus 5. All of the data present in your phone will be wiped. There is security reason behind this, if unlocking bootloader didn’t wipe the data present in your phone, someone could steal your phone, unlock bootloader without without wiping data. Install a new OS which didn’t have a PIN code or lock screen to stop them from accessing your personal data present inside the phone.

If you have any issue in the above mentioned steps, let me know in the comments. I will get back to you ASAP.

Do you Know? 

Even if your Bootloader is unlocked but your OS is stock (Unrooted). You will still get the OTAs, and you will not lose the unlocked bootloader.

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