Download BBTAN on WIndows 10

BBTAN is one of the most addicting game of Android as well as iOS, if you don’t have Android or iOS you are missing on a great game. There is a way you can download BBTAN on Windows 10 and prior. For that you will have to use Android Emulator.

BBTAN is a great game, the overall game-play is really very simple. It is like those brick breaking games we used to play in childhood. Such games have not lost their charm even is this era. I installed it on my phone couple of weeks back and I still cant get enough of this great game. It is one of those games that will never bore you.

If you have Android or iOS you can directly download it from their respective App stores, But as this app is not present in the windows app store, then you will have to use emulator to run this game on your Windows phone or personal computer. the guide on how to download BBTAN on windows 10 is really very simple. All you have to do is to download the APK file of BBTAN on your Windows 10 and play is using emulator. I have covered step to step guide below. I hope it will help you out.

Download BBTAN on Windows 10 and Prior

Following is step to step guide on how to download BBTAN on Windows 10. Before you Move forward, here are some prerequisites downloads

Download BBTAN on WIndows 10

Once you have downloaded the above two files move on to the next step:

  • First of all open BlueStacks on your Windows 10 PC.
  • Now open APK file of BBTAN via Bluestacks. Let the APK to be extracted.
  • Now in the AppDrawer of Bluestack, locate BBTAN.
  • Open and Play.

Note: You can also directly search for BBTAN in Bluestacks search option, which will locate BBTAN on Google play Store and then download it.

If you have any issue or query regarding this guide on how to download BBTAN on windows 10 and prior let us know in the comments. your feedback is appreciated. If you want to make request about some other app that you want to download and use on your computer. Feel free to ask us. Subscribe us for news rumours and guides regarding Android, iOS and Windows.

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