Failed to Mount Cache (Invalid Argument)

A year or two back, in the good old days, I was trying to wipe cache partition of my girlfriend’s Nexus 5. I powered off the phone as it was taking too long to clear cache partition. So when I tried to reboot the phone. It got stuck on the start screen where the logo kept on loading, but the phone won’t start. It took me a while to figure out its fix. When I went back to the recovery menu. There I saw this error failed to mount cache (Invalid Argument). I spend some time looking for its fix and it the end I was successful. If you are facing the same issue then try out the below guide to fix failed to mount cache error.

Fix Failed to Mount Cache (Invalid Argument) error on Android Phone:

When this error (Failed to mount cache) occurred on my girlfriend’s LG Nexus 5. I didn’t have any clue on how to fix it. I tried a lot of things, one thing I didn’t try was factory reset as it would have deleted all her data. She didn’t even have a backup of the data, so factory reset wasn’t an option. It had all our memories and messages that we couldn’t afford to lose. I came across failed to mount cache error while trying to wipe cache partition of her nexus phone. So I was sure there must be some issue with the cache formatting.

In order to fix failed to mount cache issue, you have to go to recovery menu and mount system and then clear cache again. It will fix the issue.

If you don’t know how to do that. Follow the step to step guide below to fix failed to mount cache invalid argument error:

Note: The following guide won’t erase your data from the phone. So don’t worry about losing your pictures and contacts while trying out the fix below.

  • First of all, you will have to get into the recovery menu.
  • Press and hold volume down and power button.
  • A screen will appear with Android on the back and “Start” written inside the box which is pointing towards the power button.
  • Now Press Volume down button twice. It will show the recovery menu inside the box.
  • Press the power button to select.
  • Now your phone will reboot and it will show you an Android icon on the back.
  • Press and hold the Power button and tap on Volume Up button.
  • Now you will see the recovery menu. On the bottom of the screen, you will see this error Failed to Mount Cache (invalid argument)
  • Now use volume buttons to navigate to Mount System/Cache. Press the power button to select it.
  • Now navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and press power button.
  • Wait for a while it will wipe your cache partition. Even if it fails to clear cache partition. you will be good to go.

Note: This step can take up to 30 minutes depending on your phone. So just hold your horses and let it clear wipe partition.

  • Now select the option Reboot System Now” from the same screen.

Note: If your phone fails to clear cache again. Just mount system/cache and reboot system. It will work out.

Update (July 7th,2016): I used the above guide to fix my phone when I had the same error. If it is not working for you then you should try flashing stock firmware/software on your phone:

Your phone will reboot and it will start working properly. I have personally used this method to fix failed to mount cache partition on my Nexus 5. I really hope this works for you guys as well.

I personally had this issue on LG Nexus 5. I have seen many people asking me how to fix failed to mount cache error in a number of different Android devices like ASUS and Samsung which I have no clue about. You guys can try the guide above if it didn’t work and your phone is still bricked then try to flash stock firmware on your phone. There are cases when this error arises because of some hardware issue, then you can not fix it by tweaking the software or operating system.

If you have any issue or query regarding how to fix failed to mount cache. Let me know in the comments. If this guide fixed the error. Don’t forget to drop feedback in the comments below. If you know of some other method that can be helpful in fixing this issue, please let us know so we can update the guide.