Flash Stock ROM on Nexus 5

Nexus 5 is one of the best phone to experience pure Android. When it was released everyone fell in love with how Android operating system worked on it flawlessly. Nexus 5 is still loved by many and even after years of its release people are still using it. Considering its success Google also released its successor named as Nexus 5X. Recently my Nexus 5 was stuck at bootloop. After trying every other option, the last option was to reinstall the operating system. To help others facing same problem. I wrote this guide on how to flash stock ROM on Nexus 5 stuck at bootloop.

Flash Stock ROM on Nexus 5 Stuck at Bootloop

Following are some prerequisites that you will require before you proceed forward. I will be using Nexus Root Toolkit to flash stock ROM on Nexus 5. This toolkit is developed by recognised developer of XDA named as WugFresh.  So you don’t have to worry, its works like a charm.


Note: This process ahead will delete all the data present in internal storage of your phone.

You need to download and install both the files from above link. First link is of Google USB drivers for windows. You have to install them so that your phone is recognised by your PC. Second link is of the tool that we will be using for the guide ahead. It doesn’t matters if you enabled USB debugging or not. This guide will still work.

Guide on how to flash Stock ROM on Nexus 5 which is stuck at bootloop:

Note: If the tool fails to download TWRP recovery file and you get Hash unmatch error. Then you will have to download it from the official TWRP website. For that, Go to TWRP website. select your phone model, and download the latest recovery zip file from there. Now select that zip file by clicking on browse option on tool and selecting this downloaded TWRP file.

  1. First of all download and install Nexus Root Toolkit and USB drivers from above links.
  2. After installing, open the toolkit. the software will check whether all the dependencies up to date . If yes, then the main screen will appear if not, then the missing dependencies will be downloaded .install-flash-stock-rom-android-nexus-5-bootloop
  3. When this screen will appear just select your device and the current android version your device is running and then just hit apply. Or Let the software do it connect your phone to your PC and click on Auto Detect Device + Build.
  4. The next screen displayed will be this one, now this is the Main Menu of this Software . This is a really powerful software as it has the ability to do anything you could think of for an Android Device running stock google operating system.
  5. Now, In your case your Nexus 5 is stuck in a bootloop so just click on Flash Stock + Unroot button but before clicking it select “ Soft-Bricked/Bootloop ” from the Current Status.install-flash-stock-rom-android-nexus-5-bootloop-3
  6. Just follow these Steps and then hit OK.
  7. install-flash-stock-rom-android-nexus-5-bootloop-4Now this Screen will appear, From here Select the Android Version you want to revert back to or if you have already downloaded a .tgz or .tar factory image then you could just browse and select it.
  8. If you don’t know which firmware to select for your phone, the software will do it for you. Once selected, just hit OK.
  9. After this the Necessary Downloads will Start and after the Downloads will be Completed the Unbricking process will start with necessary prompts on the Screen just follow these prompts and your device will be functional again.

Note: If you have any issue while using this tool to flash stock ROM on Nexus 5 then see this guide regarding Nexus toolkit.

That’s all on how to flash Stock ROM on Nexus 5 Stuck at bootloop. If you have any questions or queries regarding the guide above. Feel free to ask me in the comments. Do give us feedback if you were successful in fixing your phone using the guide above.


  1. Hello
    I want to do the same thing on Nexs 5, but I have a Macbook.
    Do you know an other soft doing the same thing but working on iOs?

    Thank you so much

  2. Hey Mehdi,

    I have a Nexus 7 2013. I tried to carry out a factory reset and when I turn my Nexus 7 on, the android character in on screen saying ‘Erasing’. It then shows the character lying down with a red exclamation mark over his chest. When I select reboot, it goes back to erasing and then to the character with the red exclamation mark again.

    When I press the power and volume up key, the E:filed error appear for failed to mount/cache (Invalid argument) and another saying

    E:Failed closing/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/misc (I/O error)

    Will the above process help me on a Nexus 7?



  3. Hi,

    This hasn’t worked for me. I followed the other guide first to wipe the cache partition which didn’t work. I have installed the Google drivers and selected the correct stock image for my nexus which was listing Android 5.0.1 in the bootloader. Followed the instructions for Flash Rom/stuck in bootloop. Managed to unlock the phone but when it reboots nothing happens and it’s still stuck on the bootloop. I left it running overnight to come back to it in the morning with it still in the boot loop. Please help? I’ve heard that flashing the cache img. if the cache data is corrupt may be an option as well.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for your guide. I have my nexus 5x stuck at bootloop, i tried your guide but still not working. The nexus root toolkit is stuck at “waiting for your device” just after rebooting it for the first time (trying to unlock the bootloader). Do you know how to solve this ?

    I think that this is a good news that NRT is able to reboot the phone but am i still missing something ?

    Thank you,