Ring locate lost Lg g4

Losing a phone can be really troublesome. It can really freak you out when you are unable to find the phone. The most frustrating thing is when you know that your phone is somewhere at home or office but you still can’t find it. It’s on silent so you can’t just give it a call and find where it is. In this guide, I will be covering how to ring and locate lost LG G4 remotely using Android find my device. It’s a service by Google that can be used to locate and track your lost Android phone remotely.

Guide to Ring, Track, and Locate Lost LG G4

There are a number of features that Android find my device offers which can be performed on your LG G4 remotely. These methods can also lead you to locate lost LG G4. You can locate your phone on google map if it is online. If it is offline Android Find my Device will show you the date and time where it was last online. You can also use this service to ring your phone even if its on silent or vibration. Using the feature named as Ring my Device. You can make your phone ring for 5 minutes on its maximum volume.

Following are the features of Android find my device which lets you access your LG G4 remotely:

  • Locate: If you can find your phone you can use this service to see the location of your phone on Google Map. If your phone is offline. You will be able to see the time when it was last online.
  • Ring: If your phone is on silent but you can’t find it. Although, you know it is around somewhere. Using this feature you can make it ring. Even if it’s silent.
  • Lock: If you have lost your phone and you don’t want any stranger to access the data present in it including messages and pictures. You can use this feature to lock your phone with a new password. You can also display a message like ” Whoever finds this phone call me at this number”.
  • Erase: If you are certain that you will never get your hands on your phone ever again. You can erase all the content present in it using the erase feature. You won’t be able to locate your phone once you have erased it.

Let’s move on to the guide on how to Ring and Locate Lost LG G4:

The only prerequisite of this guide is that you have to have Google account on your LG G4. If you ever logged into your LG G4 using Google/Gmail account for Google Playstore or anything else then you will be able to use Android find my device to access your phone remotely.

  • First of all head on to Android Find my Device.
  • Login using your Google/Gmail account credentials.
  • Once you are signed into Android find my Device. Select your device.
  • Now Android find my device also know as Find my Device will display the location of your phone on Google Map. Like in the Screenshot below.

Ring locate lost Lg g4Other operations that can be applied on your phone includes ringing it at its maximum volume.

If you are sure that you have lost LG G4 forever and there is no chance of retrieving it. Or you are certain that it got stolen. You can lock your phone. It will safeguard your data and prevent someone else who gets hold of your phone access your data. You can also erase all the contents and data of your phone remotely.

If you select the option to lock your phone. Android find my device will generate a new password on your phone and display it to you on your PC. You will also be able to display a custom message along with your number like “Hey this phone is lost, kindly contact on this number to return it”.

That’s all on how to track and locate lost LG G4 remotely. If you have any query or issues, feel free to ask me in the comments. If you were able to successfully trace your phone’s location using the Android Find my device, do give us feedback.

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