Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain fix

Alpha series includes the middle tier smartphones of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha are great phones for normal Android users. It has great processing power and a good enough camera. Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphones were released in 2014 by Samsung. Most of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha models have a 4.7-inch screen. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is powered by EXYNOS 5430 and it has 2 GB RAM. The bad part is that it does not have SD card support. Now if you have been using Samsung Galaxy Alpha. You might be familiar with a common problem that is battery drain that is mainly caused by heating up of the phone. I have got a simple fix for Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain.

The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is its premium body. It has a sleek and stylish design. Its slim and very lightweight. It stands as one of the most amazing phones of 2014. Now let’s move on to our guide.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain fix by clearing cache partition:

From the last few days, my Samsung Galaxy Alpha was draining the battery very fast. Yesterday, it surprised me as the battery drained to none in just a few hours. After spending some time on the internet to find its fix. I came up with this method which is quite easy. I implemented it last night and my phone gave good battery life today and it isn’t getting heated up. So I would like to share this Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain fix with you guys.

The method that helped me to fix the Galaxy Alpha heating issue, is to clear the cache partition of my phone. Yeah right, it’s quite easy. Yet it fixed the heating and battery drain problem. I am talking with regard to my experience.

Now, let’s move to the guide on how to clear cache of Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

  • First of all turn off your phone.
  • Now Press and hold Volume Up, Home Button and Power button.
  • When the phone restarts and it vibrates leave the buttons.
  • Now you will be in Recovery Menu.
  • Select the Wipe Cache Partition option. (Use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select).

Some other tips to fix battery drain problem of Galaxy Alpha:

  1. Goto Settings -> Display -> Configure Low motion settings and turn off “dynamic perspective”.
  2. Ensure that your phone is up to date. To check go to Settings -> About Phone -> System update.
  3. Calibrate your phone battery. Discharge your phone completely so that it no longer turns on. Now take off the back lid and take out the battery for 5 seconds. Not put the battery back in and charge it fully.
  4. You need to keep a check on your phone’s internal storage. If it’s full, remove the unwanted apps and make sure at least 1 GB of space is free. The Android operating system is developed in a way that if the processor and RAM can’t process the operation with the allocated memory, they make use of internal storage.
  5. Remove unwanted data and free up space. This is a common observation, that if any room is full of things, you will have to work hard and spend more time to retrieve what is required. Same is the case with Samsung Galaxy Alpha or any other processor.
Also checkout: Guide to Root Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

If nothing works for you then the best solution is to factory reset your phone or flash stock ROM. Before you factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Make a backup using this guide.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a great phone. Although it does not comes next to Samsung flagship S series. It is indeed one great phone for everyday use. Its very affordable and the specs are great. After use of some months. Software and operating system need to be optimized. Clearing the cache will most probably be enough for Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain fix.

That’s it. I hope this there isn’t any confusion regarding how to fix Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain. If you have any queries or problem, let me know in the comments. You can discuss or write to us if you are having any kind of issues with your phone. You can also reach us out in the comments. We will get back to you within a day.

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Robert E
Robert E

OH WOW!!! The “Wipe Cache Partition” process worked. This is the only website I have seen which suggested this. I was actually just about to reset my phone back to factory settings having looked around and tried various ideas with no success. So I am delighted that you saved me. Many thanks. 🙂


Thankz for your direction kodus,buh for my phone is not done.i try to press the volume key up and the home bottom after the power key so i cant .

anibhavanibhav nagar
anibhavanibhav nagar

Sir I have galaxy alpha . Before two day it’s keep switch off and on itself. And when I remove charger then it keeps switch off so plzz help me

Abdullah Akbar Shafi

You might have to replace battery of your Galaxy Alpha.