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From the pin code to drawing patterns to knock patterns, there have been a lot of improvements and variations in the Android lock screen procedures. Apart from the essential unlocking apps, there are many more lock screen and lock screen replacement apps in the google play store. So if you have been tired of using the same lock screen for ages but don’t want to replace your phone or change its launcher, try the below lock screen apps and lock screen replacement for Android phones.

Top 6 Lock Screen Apps & Lock screen Replacement for Android

Although there is a significant number of lock screen apps on the Google play store, the following are the few which I think are the top 6 lock screen apps for Android. You might agree with my opinion, or you might disagree. But all of the below apps are worth a try.


It is one of the most loved lock screen apps for Android. It is currently at the top of the best lock screen replacement apps list. It has a minimalistic design and a dark theme. However, the best feature of this lock screen app is its ability to predict when you look at it or when you will pick it up.

Following are some features of AcDisplay:

  • Blocklist to keep apps from sending a notification to the lock screen.
  • Dynamic Background Settings.
  • Low Priority Notification Settings.

Download AcDisplay from Google Play Store

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock:

This app is excellent for privacy and security-conscious folks. When you enable its security feature, it works as a security app and a lock screen app. It puts an alarm on your phone, and when you or someone tries to access your phone and he is unsuccessful in entering the correct pin code or drawing the right pattern on the lock screen several times, the app sounds a loud alarm. It would let other people know you are trying to access a locked phone.

Download from Here

Picturesque Developed by Microsoft: Free.

It’s excellent and my favorite lock screen app for Android phones. It has everything you need and is simple to use. I love the wallpapers that are changed each day on this app. It’s free to download from Google Play Store. It has some features that are for specific countries. It also gives you access to the weather and camera from the lock screen. It is the complete lock screen app that genuinely deserves to be on your phone.

Top 5 Lock Screen Apps & Lock screen Replacement Android

Download From Here

DashClock Widget

It’s a widget for your home screen, it isn’t a lock screen replacement, but it looks excellent on the lock screen. It can be used as a home screen widget and display notifications on the net, including time and weather. It is a great app and a must-have for Android users. Note that Android is moving away from widgets, so this widget might not work correctly on the latest operating system.

Top 5 Lock Screen Apps & Lock screen Replacement for Android

Download From Here

GO Locker

It is one of the most popular lock screen replacement applications out there. It has almost 100 million downloads. In the free version, t significant number of themes copy any device. In addition, it allows you to read messages from your lock screen like iOS devices. The paid version has some pieces; otherwise, the accessible version of this app has everything you ask for.

Download from here

Locker Master

Locker Master is among the fanciest lock screens, with live and interactive wallpapers. It shows an animated weather forecast as well. Its unlock style pattern is followed by iOS 7. It has a built-in option for flashlights as well. You can also customize your lock screen with many options available in the settings.

Download from here

Other Notable Lock Screen Apps for Android:


Also, check out: 

Suppose you have any queries or feel like giving your opinion regarding the top 5 lock screen apps and lock screen replacement for Android. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. You can also give us feedback in the comments. If you have any issues downloading or using the lock screen apps on your Android phone, let us know in the comments.

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