Disable Notifications while Listening to Music

When you are listening to music and gets a text from someone, then the music gets muted for a few seconds. It’s a very useful feature as it notifies you of a received text, but sometimes it gets irritating and there is no way to stop notifications on OS level while listening to music. Here, we are going to explain a very easy way to disable notifications while listening to music or enable them when you stop listening.

Disable Notifications while Listening to Music

Follow the enlisted steps carefully.

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Search for ‘Tasker’ app in the search bar.
  3. Tasker is a paid app available on Play Store. You can buy it for $2.99. Once you bought the app, close the app. First, you have to do some configurations in your device settings.
  4. Go to ‘Settings’.
  5. Open ‘Accessibility’ menu from the Settings.
  6. From Accessibility menu, select ‘Tasker’
  7. Here, you’ll see a toggle switch at the top right corner of the screen. Make sure that the switch is enabled. If the switch is off, turn it on.
  8. Launch Tasker app to start setting things up.
  9. Once the application is launched, tap the ‘+’ sign. You will find it at the right bottom of the screen. A list will appear. From the list, select ‘Application’.
  10. Now, a new window will open where you’ll find all the applications that are installed on your device. What you have to do is to select all the applications that you use to listen to music or to stream a video. This will help you to stop receiving notifications while you are using any one of these apps.
  11. Press a back button. Here, Tasker will ask you to associate a task with this profile. For that, tap on ‘New Task’ and write ‘DND’ or ‘Do not disturb’ or anything you want to write.
  12. Now, add an action to the task. So, tap on ‘+’ sign at the bottom of the screen. A popup window will open. From here, select ‘Audio’ and then choose ‘Do not disturb’.
  13. Press a back button. Tasker will ask you to enable its notification access service. Simply press ‘Ok’.
  14. A new window will open. Enable a Tasker by tapping on a toggle switch. When you are done, press the back button twice.
  15. Till now, what you have done is you have enabled a Tasker Do not disturb It will disable all the notifications when you are listening to music or streaming a video. But notifications will remain disabled when you stop listening to music. So, now you have to turn Do not disturb mode off when you stop listening to music. For that, long press your task portion of your profile and choose ‘Add Exit Task’. And then select ‘New Task’ and name this task as ‘DND off’ or ‘Do not disturb Off’ or whatever you want.
  16. Tap ‘+’ button on the bottom of the screen to add a new action to this task.
  17. Here, again, select ‘Audio’ and then choose ‘Do not disturb’. After that, tap on a drop down menu under ‘Mode’ heading and select ‘All’. When you are done, tap the back button twice.

All set. What you have done till now is, you created two tasks with different actions. Whenever, you start listening to music, your ‘DND’ or ‘Do not Disturb’ mode will turn on and all the notifications will be disabled. As soon as you stop listening to music, your ‘DND Off’ or ‘Do not disturb Off’ mode will turn on and your notifications will be back to normal. In this way, you can disable notifications while listening to music.

If you find some difficulty while setting up this, then let us know. If you have any query regarding how to disable notifications while listening to music, then let us know in the comments below.


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