Technology is a significant part of our life these days. Whether it be a businessman, an employee, or a student. Smartphones and technology not only play a significant role in personal life as well as professional life. With summers moving towards the end and school, colleges and universities are about to start. So I thought I should compile the best apps for student life.

These apps will not only help them with their studies but also with managing their money while they are living in a hostel. In addition, some apps are also meant for personal organization, so you don’t waste your time on useless stuff and keep checking and balancing your valuable time.

Best Apps for Student life

I spend some time finding the apps that are best at their job. Found some really great apps that are mentioned below. If you are a student and have been using an app helping you out with your college or university life. Do share with us.

Personal Organisation

Self-Control For Study

This app will block all social media accounts for a specific period so that you can concentrate on your studies. While in class or while you are studying by yourself. Phones and social networks have proven to be the most significant distraction while studying. One notification and you end up spending hours on your phone.



Best app for saving notes on your phone. It takes a picture of the document and keeps it in your phone like you have scanned them using a scanner. You can then upload them to the cloud. Then, share it with your friends. You can also convert the pictures into PDF format and email them to the concerned person.


Alarmy (Sleep if you can)

If you can’t wake up in the morning, it is a hard job for you. And you are tired of missing morning lectures, and you can’t afford to miss more. Then this is the app you want to get on your phone. It plays a really annoying alarm, and it will only stop playing when you do a particular task like wear shoes and take a picture or go to the washroom and take photos of the sink—a great app to straighten your schedule and life.


Android Apps for Student



It is one of the best apps for postgraduate students as it takes the job of giving credit and referencing all the books and publications that you make use of. All you have to do is to enter the book name, scan its barcode or put the URL of that article in the app. And it will automatically generate a citation, which can be saved on the cloud. In addition, it can be accessed from different applications and devices.


Best apps for student


This app helps you share flashcards with your classmates and friends. These flashcards can have essential notes and stuff. Eleven million students use this app to get better grades and save time.



If you want to write a paper or get some help in your research work. This service can help you to write your college papers.


Using this app,p you can record whole lectures and listen to them later. You can even pause the lecture and slow it down for better understanding.




Sober lets you make friends locally or globally. You can share stuff with them like pictures and videos. But it deletes all the things you created that night, pictures,s and comments in 24 hours unless you want to save them.


Drunk Mode

This app blocks certain people for 12 hours,s and you only get to contact them when you are sober enough to solve a math problem. So you can avoid texting your exes and crushes. You can also add a list of drunk buddies and catch up with them, as the app will show you their location.n


best android apps for student of college

That’s all we got from the best apps for student life. Feel free to enlighten us if you have any other app that fits in this collection. Also, try these apps and give us feedback on whether they were handy to you during your studies or time management during your time at school, college,e or university.

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