Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most successful smartphone of Galaxy S lineup. It was released with a complete new design and material. S6 gave a whole new life to Samsung Galaxy Series. It is still being loved by the users, many users are contented with it and they dont even want to upgrade. Samsung is known for great hardware, it’s phone are durable and can survive years without any hardware issue. But when it comes to software, touchwiz is bloated as ever. Apart from the unnecessary apps there are number of icons on the status bar which makes it look ugly. In this guide we will talk about how to remove Galaxy S6 status bar icons.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to have amazing camera which produces magnificent pictures. It is running on Exynos 7420 processor and it has 3GB Ram. Galaxy S6 has two variant Galaxy S6 Edge, which has curved screen and the ordinary one. Its screen size is 5.1. According to me it is the optimal size of display screen on any smartphone.

Remove Galaxy S6 Status Bar Icons

There are number of useless icons on the status bar of Galaxy S6. In this guide. We will try to get rid of most of them because of these icons mostly even important notifications are not visible.

Remove battery percentage:

You can remove battery percentage which is present in numeric form from the status bar it cleans up a lot of space:

  • For this. Go to Settings -> Tap on Battery -> Tap on More -> Select Hide Battery Percentage.

It will free a lot of space from your status bar.

Use 24 Hour format instead of 12 hour:

You can free up more space by removing the 12 hour, AM/PM clock from the status bar and add the 24 hour format clock.

  • Go to Settings -> Select Date and Time -> Enable Use 24-hour Time.

Disable NFC to remove its icon from status bar:

NFC is used for payment or android beam. It is used seldom. Mostly it just keeps on running in the background sucking up your phone’s battery. When it is enabled and running in the background. Its icon is present on the status bar.

You can remove its icon from status bar of Galaxy S6 by disabling it. And you can enable it again whenever you want to use NFC.

  • To disable NFC:
  • Goto Settings -> Tap on NFC and payments -> Select NFC -> Toggle the switch to Off. 

Remove Galaxy S6 Status Bar Icons

After performing all the steps above. Now your status bar will be less messed up and it will look a lot better. See the screenshot below on how it looked before removing the status bar icons from Galaxy S6 and after removing.

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If you have any questions regarding how to remove galaxy S6 status bar icons. You can ask me in the comments. If you have some other tips to make it look better. Do share with us. Galaxy S6 is one of those phones you can never let go of. Remove Galaxy S6 Status bar icons and make it look better.