I have been using iPhones for a long time. From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 7+. I have had the experience of them all. The best thing I find about iPhones is its operating system iOS. The latest build of iOS running in iPhones and iPads is iOS 10. iOS completely revamped interface of the phone. There are many major changes including iMessage, Control Center and lock screen. Recently I came across a problem in my phone which I never had before. iPhone headphones not plugged in Speaker not working. I couldn’t listen to music or anything. When I used the volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume of the phone. The screen showed headphones volume instead of normal volume.

iPhone Headphones not plugged in Speaker not working

iPhone Headphones not plugged in Speaker not working

After spending some time on the internet I figured out the actual problem and its solution. I was having this problem on my phone because although the headphones were not plugged in it was acting as if the headphones are plugged in. It freaked me a little. First I thought there is some hardware problem with my iPhone or the speakers have failed to work. I tried restarting my phone, but no luck. After spending some time looking for solutions. I figured out there was something in the iPhone’s earphones jack which made the phone act like the headphones are plugged in.  So, if you have the same problem that iPhone headphones not plugged in Speaker not working then use the solution below.

  • First of all, use a torchlight and see if there is something inside.
  • Clean the headphone/earphones jack present next to the lightning port gently with a thin sharp needle cleaning the debris inside the hole.
  • This method seems to be the most effective. Over a period of time, the headphones jack tend to get filled with debris and dust which causes this problem
  • Once you have loosened the debris blow it out using air from blower or just blowing air into it using your mouth.

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This fixed the issue for me. I hope this guide was handy for you if you had the same iPhone headphones not plugged in speaker not working issue. Do give us feedback. In the conclusion, I would like to ask you if you have any suggestions to improve the guide. Do share with us. We will make it part of this guide.

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