Advantages of a Higher Refresh Rate Screens

The frequency in which the frame or picture of an electronic display is refreshed is known as Refresh Rate. It is expressed in hertz (Hz). There are many refresh rate values in which modern devices such as phones, tablets, and monitors are expressed. They may vary from 0-240hz mostly. of course screens with a refresh rate higher than 240hz exist. But for gaming and conventional use, 240hz will be more than enough. In this article, I will be listing the advantages of a higher refresh rate.

Before I get started though. I would like to mention that you should not consider buying a higher refresh rate screen if you do not get higher frame rates. This is because frame rate and refresh work with each other. Meaning if you get 100+ fps, you should buy a 100+ Hz monitor. If the refresh rate is higher than the frame rate, you will not be experiencing the true refresh rate of the screen. Similarly, if the frame rate is higher than the refresh rate, you will face problems such as screen tearing. For the best result, the frame rate and refresh rate should match.

Advantages of a Higher Refresh Rate Screens

Advantages of Higher Refresh Rate Screens:

1-Smoother Experience

When the Frame rate and Refresh Rate match. For example, let’s say I get 144 fps in a video game, and my monitor has a refresh rate of 144hz. My gameplay experience will be much smoother than 60hz or 120hz because the screen will be refreshed more times in a second. This will make the game less jittery and sudden movements more smooth and prominent. Overall this will reduce the feeling of stuttering frames and give you a smoother experience.

2-Low Latency

For the more professional and serious bunch out there, such as competitive gamers. Who needs every millisecond to react and shoot their opponents in competitive situations. A higher refresh rate monitor will provide lower latency. This is because your computer will get a lower interval between frames, therefore, getting a lower time to process input. Also, you as the player will get more frames displayed, giving you more opportunities to shoot.

3-Keeping up with games

Suppose you play games on an above-average computer. Your frames will more than likely exceed the Refresh Rate of your monitor. That would just be a waste of resources by your computer, and it would also cause minor problems such as screen tearing. So a higher refresh rate would help to keep up with games and stop you from wasting your resources.

Limitations of Higher Refresh Rate in Screens:

Now that you’ve heard about the advantages of a higher refresh rate, let’s tell you about the limitations. A higher Refresh rate affects your CPU usage, and if your CPU is old, or from the previous generation, it might not be able to provide such fps, therefore, rendering the high refresh rate useless. Also, from my own experience, I can say that after 120hz, there is not much of a difference in refresh rate.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you did find it useful, consider liking the article. If you have any questions regarding this article, please comment below.

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