Change DPI of Android Phone

Ever considered changing DPI of Android phone? Well, some people always wanted to change DPI of their Android phone either Nexus, Samsung or any other. I have come up with a guide that will allow you to change DPI of your Android phone without rooting your phone. With the phones with such big screen like Nexus 6, it is sometimes not comfortable to reach all the parts of the screen using just one hand. So if you want to change DPI of Android phone without root follow the simple guide below.

Even while manually installing APKs you are asked for the DPI of your phone. You can also use noDPI apps, those apps are compatible with every Android device. Although, the size of noDPI version of apps is huge as it has files compatible for each screen size.

Change DPI of Android phone without Root:

Follow the guide below, step by step and if you have any confusion at any step feel free to ask me in the comments.

  • First of all, you will have to install ADB. The best way to achieve is through using ADB installer. Download the tool from It has all the instructions on how to install ADB.
  • Now Enable USB debugging on your phone; Settings-> Select About Phone -> Locate Build number and tap it 7 times. Head back to the settings page and locate Developers Options -> Enable USB debugging.
  • Now connect your phone to your PC. If you get a notification. Click OK to allow USB debugging for that computer.
  • Now open command prompt in ADB tool folder; Shift + Right-click in the folder and then click on open Command Prompt.
  • Now you have to check whether your device is connected and ADB can detect it. in order to check, enter the following code in the command prompt.

adb devices

  • If you see a line of random letters on command prompt then your phone is connected. If nothing updates on the command prompt. then there is some problem with the connection. Either your phone is not connected properly. Or its drivers are missing from your PC. Or maybe USB debugging is not enabled on your phone.
    If the problem is because of drivers, then install KIES on your computer. Connect your phone and let KIES install the drivers. Once done, close KIES and disable it. Then try again in command prompt by entering the above commands.
  • Now if your device is detected. Go ahead and change the DPI using the following command. In the following code, I am changing DPI to 560. Change the value as you want DPI for your phone.

adb shell wm density 560 && adb reboot

  • Now your phone will reboot.

Note: See this guide to check DPI and confirm the change in DPI of your phone.

  • If you want to go back to the previous DPI. Then enter the default DPI in the code below. It is recommended to first check DPI of your phone before performing this guide from the link above.

adb shell wm density 640 && adb reboot

Note: Anything below 540 will affect your camera in pro mode, other than that there are not any scaling issues in changing DPI of your Android phone. See the screenshots below. There are not any issues of scaling. Before and after scaling.

Change DPI of Android Phone how-to-change-DPI-android-phone-2.png how-to-change-DPI-android-phone.png


That’s all. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments. If you are reluctant to change DPI and want to know more about how to change DPI of Android phone without root. Feel free to contact me. Do give us your feedback after performing this guide. Thanks.

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