Galaxy S6 Battery Draining

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Battery Draining and Heating Issue

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 is heating up, the battery is draining very fast. It hardly gives you a few hours on a full charge? Well, I have got a solution...
How to fix samsung Galaxy S6 frozen screen

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Frozen Screen

Normally if phone's screen freezes, you could just pull out the battery and put it back in and that's it. But Samsung Galaxy S6 does not have a removable battery. You...
Nexus 6 Camera Lag

How to Fix Nexus 6 Camera Lag

After the Android Marshmallow update, I was facing this weird Nexus 6 camera lag. Also when I was scrolling the comments on youtube my nexus 6 used to lag. I was...
convert Kernel Zip to Tar

How to Convert Kernel Zip to Tar.md5 File [Tool]

After spending hours trying to find a way to convert zip files to tar.md5 files that can be flashed using ODIN. I came up with a solution that is mentioned in...
ring and locate lost galaxy s6

How to Ring Track and Locate Lost Galaxy S6 If its Lost and on...

Now you don't have to pull your hair getting furious while finding your lost Samsung S6. Many people suffer through this grave problem of forgetting where we put our smartphone and...
Fix Error Status 7 Installation Aborted While Flashing ROM

Fix Error Status 7 Installation Aborted While Flashing ROM

Android is ruling mobile operating systems because of its open source availability. It lets you customize the user interface as you like. It is one of the greatest advantages of Android,...
Samsung Galaxy S6 Stuck at Samsung Logo

Galaxy S6 Stuck at Samsung Logo; Here’s How to fix

Is your Samsung Galaxy S6 stuck at Samsung logo when you power on your phone? Then I have got every possible fix for this issue. Move on with the guide, it...
Flash Stock ROM on Nexus 5

How to Flash Stock ROM on Nexus 5 Stuck at Bootloop

Nexus 5 is one of the best phone to experience pure Android. When it was released everyone fell in love with how Android operating system worked on it flawlessly. Nexus 5...
TWRP custom recovery on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S7 freezing

Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Phone or Tablet

Custom recovery opens a new way to explore features of your Android phone which the stock recovery does not allows. You can perform a number of operations on your phone which...
Fixing Microphone issues for Samsung phones

Fixing Microphone Issues for Samsung Phones

Fixing microphone issues for Samsung phones has become a bit of a tussle for the Samsung phone users. Where the customers have complained about their voice hardly reaching the recipient. The...
Solution of Galaxy S6 Microphone Issues

Solution of Galaxy S6 Microphone Issues

Samsung Galaxy S6 microphone issues have been problematic for many users. Over the passage of time the microphone of phone starts acting weirdly, with many reports of voice not reaching the...
Samsung Galaxy S7 dm verity verification failed

Galaxy S7 dm verity verification Failed Fix

In this guide, I have discussed Galaxy S7 dm verity verification failed error solution. This solution can also be used for Samsung Galaxy S6, S9 or any other Galaxy series phone. Samsung Galaxy S7...
Root Galaxy J2

How to Root Galaxy J2 (Comprehensive Guide)

Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 is one of the middle tier smartphones released by Samsung this year. Although its specs are not amazing. Still, J2 2016 is a great smartphone for everyday...
Recover Data from Broken S7 Edge

How to Recover Data from Broken Galaxy S7 Edge

The curved display of Galaxy S7 edge looks beautiful. Samsung has also introduced a number of improvement in the screen software. The edge panels are now wider, allowing them to display...
Wipe Galaxy S7 Data remotely if you have lost your phone

How to Wipe Galaxy S7 Data remotely if you have lost your phone

It can be really hard to accept that your phone is lost. It is one of the hardest things to accept. Accidents do not ask before coming. If your Galaxy S7...
Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain fix

Samsung Galaxy Alpha heating and battery drain fix

Alpha series includes the middle tier smartphones of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha are great phones for normal Android users. It has great processing power and a good enough camera. Samsung...

Slow Internet After Windows 10 Update? Here’s the Fix

Yesterday, I updated my laptop to Windows 10 Home from Windows 7. At first, it was working like a charm but after using it for a while I noticed that the...
S5 Broken Screen

How to Recover data from S5 Broken Screen

Its been sometime since the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, Many people are using it, Although its waterproof but it doesnot makes it unbreakable,Accidents never ask before coming,And if something bad...
Galaxy S6 Fix Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing

Galaxy S6 Fix Kernel is Not Seandroid Enforcing

A very common error that is mostly experienced after rooting your phone with wrong file is Kernel is not Seandroid Enforcing. Don't worry you have not bricked your phone and it...
Change DPI of Android Phone

How to Change DPI of Android phone without Root

Ever considered changing DPI of Android phone? Well, some people always wanted to change DPI of their Android phone either Nexus, Samsung or any other. I have come up with a...