Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection

A new feature introduced by Google in Android 5.0 is that if factory reset is performed using the recovery menu, and after the reset when you power on the device. You will have to login using the same Google Account which was being used to login before. otherwise you can’t bypass Android Factory reset protection which shows up at startup.

These security measures were introduced to prevent resale of stolen smartphones. But there is a trick introduced by developer named as Rootjunky, that allows to bypass Android Factory Reset protection.

Following trick is exclusively for Samsung devices. As only in Samsung when you plug in OTG cable or OTG flash drive the phone open ups the file manager itself.

Following is the guide and demonstration of how to bypass android factory reset protection.

Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection:

Following is the step to step guide on how to Bypass Android Factory Reset Protection. There is also a demo tutorial, where you can watch the whole process step by step. Just follow the steps below and that’s it. you will be able to access your phone once again after you bypass android factory reset protection.


  • You just need to have a OTG cable or OTG flash drive as in the tutorial below.
  • You need to download this APK file that will be used in the process below to get into Settings.

Now follow the step to step guide below:

  1. Turn off your Phone.
  2. Press Volume up + Home button and Power button to get into recovery menu of your Samsung device.
  3. Now you have to Scroll down to the option that says  Wipe data, Factory Reset ->Yes delete all user data.
  4. After that, device will check if the phone was factory reset by recovery menu.
  5. Now it will ask you to login from the Google account which you previously used to login on this device.
  6. Now connect the OTG cable.
  7. The phone will automatically open the file manager, although you were in middle of setup.
  8. Download the APK file from above and move this APK file into your device.
  9. Open the APK file and It will prompt you to go to Settings.
  10. Goto Settings -> Security and Enable Download from Unknown sources.
  11. Hit install, all this APK does, is that it lets you get into the settings.
  12. Now hit open and it will launch the settings.
  13. Unplug the OTG cable.
  14. Now scroll down to Backup and Reset.
  15. Click on Factory Data Reset> Reset> Delete All.
  16. Now your device will reboot and it wont have password next time it starts up.
  17. Now you can login with any Google Account.

The reason that it works, is that the second time you perform the reset, there is no Google account logged in and there is no password on your phone.

So next time your phone starts up, it won’t have password.

Tip: Any device that brings up File manager when you plug in OTG cable. you will be able to get around factory reset with double factory reset.

If you have any issue regarding how to bypass Android Factory Reset Protection. let us know in the comments. This trick is great if you have forgot password of your phone and you can’t remember what was your Google account password or your phone’s password. If this trick helped you out, let us know in the comments.

  • Elxavierdavido

    I love your video

  • OrangeX

    I have done the method above, i get to the factory reset screen and press it and it wont reset.

  • Adrien

    where can 1 find the APK that you’ve used?

  • ryan

    Can you use thus method on a LG k7 phone or is this only for Samsung phones

  • Drea

    Device manager won’t open… I have the apk file on a dual usb drive, formated as FAT32. I plug it in when I get to the Google Recovery screen (after performing factory reset, etc.) and nothing happens. Have redownloaded the apk file from different sources, made sure phone fully charged, etc. – all to no avail. Any suggestions?! Thanks!

  • Drea

    Oh, this (above comment) is for a T-Mobile Galaxy S6.

  • Julius

    The file manager doesn’t come automatically when I plug in the OTG drive… Confused

    • Cnote3030

      SAme here on s6 active 5.1, file manager wont pop up. tried several different USB sticks…. HELP!?!?!?!

  • krystal kitten

    file explorer doesnt pop up on my phone when i plug in my otg. its a samsung s6. what else can i do>?

    • Anonymous

      Has anyone received an answer regarding the OTG file explorer not opening?

  • tony2tone

    same here the file explorer wont come up either i downloaded the apk and when i put the otg drive into the phone on google verification screen nothing pops

  • Anon

    Na doesn’t work. I’ve tried it on 3 different model Samsung phones. Formatted the USB drive to FAT32, made it bootable and copied the .apk to the root of that drive. At the FRP it doesn’t open file manager when connected but if I connect it in a phone that has built it opens file manager with no issues