China has strict policy against google and its apps. It is not allowed in the country. So the ROMs developed for chinese phones do not have google apps and Google play store. Operating system of Huawei and Redmi phones MIUI does not have google apps. So if you buy a phone from china you might get hard time to get the google apps. Some apps like snapchat depend upon google play services to work. Although its not developed by google but its dependent upon Google play store and services. Outside china it can be a real headache to live without google apps. There are many methods to install google apps on chinese phones running on chinese ROM. But most efficient method to have all google apps is to install and download Google Installer APK on your Android phone.

If your phone is running on MIUI. And you have updated to latest firmware. It will wipe out all the google apps and google play store. You can install Google apps also known as gapps by installing Google Installer. In the guide below. I will guide you on how to install and download Google Installer APK v 2.0 on Chinese phones.

Download Google Installer APK v 2.0 for Chinese Phones

Chinese policies does not allow Google apps so the developers of ROM remove the gapps from the ROM. You have to manually install gaps. Following is the full procedure on how to download Google installer APK on your Huawei, Xiaomi or Redmi phones.

  • Download Google Installer APK v 2.0¬†from Here. (Mirror)

Follow the steps to install google installer which will allow you to install all the google apps including Google Play Store.:

  • First of all move the downloaded Google Installer APK v 2.0 to internal storage of your phone..
  • Goto Settings -> Advanced Settings ->Security ->Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  • Now locate Google Installer APK file using the file manager on your chinese phone.
  • Now Open and Install the APK. Click on OK and Install. You will see a blue circle tap on it.
  • Now click on yellow circle. Now, it will ask you to install google services framework.Download Google Play Store on Huawei
  • Click on Install and then click on OK.
  • In the next step you have to click on Red Circle.
  • Download Google Play Store on HuaweiAccept the terms and give permissions as following.
  • Download Google Play Store on Huawei Download Google Installer APK
  • Now you can download Google Play Store from here. and Install it on your Phone.
  • Once you have installed Google Play Store you can install any google app from there.
  • You can also download and install any Google app via its APK file.
  • Although mostly phones does not require to install google play services separately. If Google play store does not install google play services itself. Download the APK file of Google Play Services and install it on your huawei phone.

That’s all. If you have any question regarding how to install and download Google Installer on chinese phone. Which does not have google play store or google apps. You can ask me in the comments. If you would like to share your views with us. You are most welcome. Google installer is a great app which has made life easy for the people who got their phone from china and they were unable to make use of any Google app.


  1. Not working for me on my 360 q5 plus. It all installs fine but won’t open! When I click on the play store icon I’m presented with a plain white screen and nothing happens, anyone have any ideas what else I can try??

  2. hi i tried all the steps you mentioned but i cannot add an acount for google . everytime i log in to existing google im stuck with” google servicea unavailable will try later”” please help i have a new xiaomi redmi 3x phone . thanka

  3. Hi, without custom recovery which I was never able to install on my chinese samsung S6 this seems like the most likely to work. Once everything is installed and I press on the red circle, I get many notifications about framework or services having stopped. I haven’t been able to reach the the permission or the “checking for info page”.
    I also tried the older version from the “mirror” which seems mostly ok but get a “parse error” when trying to install the play services.
    Unfortunately, I have the new androind 6.0.1 system which may be why this doesn’t work.
    Any suggestions or a newer version??

  4. I have Samsung Galaxy C7 from China. I have downloaded Google installer and done exactly as you said. it keeps saying “unfortunately Google services framework has stopped”. Please advise.

  5. On a Note 3 with both, CDMA and GSM (SM-N9009), running Android 5.0, not rooted: “Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” and same for Google Play Services. no way to add a Google account, or even run Google Play.

  6. can I make work google apps such as play store and everything in new Nokia c6 android which I brought from China?please help me…

  7. i have instulle all the apps sussfully but googaal play store says error oucure from geting infomation from server and googal play serves is unfurantly stooped my devise is UB DW 7SC* TABLAT 4.4.2 PLEASE HELP ME

  8. How do i install it on my gionee installs but doesnt work.erros coming( has stopped working)