Nokia 6 with chinese firmware does not have google play store. China does not allow other platforms like Facebook and Google to work in their country independently. If you bought Nokia 6 from china. It wont have Google play store or any other Google app or server. You can sideload Google apps using this guide along with it you can install Google Play Store on Nokia 6.

You might not be able to install social networking apps like Instagram, Google+ Snapchat and Twitter while you are in china as they are banned by the government.

How to Download and Install Google Play Store on Nokia 6

Google play store and Google Play Services both exist in a coexistence. Well in mostly Android devices both come pre-installed, all you have to do is to login using your Gmail address and you are good to use the play store and google play services. In this guide, we will talk about how to get Google Play Store on Nokia 6 with chinese ROM. Once you have downloaded and installed Google Play Store on your Nokia 6. Then, you can access all the google apps and other apps that are not present elsewhere.


Guide on how to install Google Play Services and Google Play Store on Nokia 6:

Following guide will allow you to install google play store on Nokia 6. The process is really simple, you just have to allow access to external APKs and install them on your phone.

  1. First of all Goto Settings -> Advanced Settings ->Security ->Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  2. If you see a message warning that ‘this type of file can harm your device.’ You can ignore it (its safe) and tap OK.
  3. Now download Google Play Store, Google play services and Services framework from above links on your phone.
  4. Now open Google Play Store and Install it.
  5. After that, login using your Google Account.

Once done. you will be able to access Google Play Store on Nokia 6 and download apps from there.

Well some people have complained that their firmware does not allows google apps to run properly. Well you can try to get Google apps including Google play store using Google Installer for Chinese phones. See this guide on how to use google installer to get play store.

If nothing works for you. Then the last solution is to unlock the bootloader and install a new firmware that is not chinese. You can install custom ROM as well as international firmware that does not have any prohibitions on Google play store.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to ask us in the comments. If you would like to contribute to this guide on how to install google play store on Nokia 6. You are most welcome to drop feedback.

  • chaitany karri

    thanq Abdullah Akbar Shafi,i tried these versions but it till stopping suddenly.

    • Gianni Comandini

      The same for me… 🙁


    how to install playstore in nokia 6 china version please help me

  • Ed

    I read something that it is possible at TA 1003 version and not at the TA 1000. I sthat true?

  • Sandoval Gonçalves de Matos

    Boa noite tentei instalar a play store no meu Nokia 6 TA 1000 mas não consegui pois sempre da erro, me diz ai oque devo fazer.

  • Sanjay Sharma

    Thank you so much it 100% work now i abel to do all