Facebook M

Facebook is one of the top leading social networks around the internet and it has been at the top for such a long period of time because of a reason. Facebook provides its users with the user friendly experience that no other social networking website has yet achieved. Facebooks popularity keeps on increasing day after day, with the increasing number of users signing up for new accounts each and everyday and provides nothing less than pure satisfaction to its users as one of the top known social networking platforms.

Facebook M

Facebook Testing On Facebook M

Recently, there have been news about Facebook working on something which is, as of right now, known as the Facebook M, or simply M. Facebook M is a virtual assistant that is to live inside of the Facebook Messenger Application. Facebook M first appeared in San Francisco Bay Area and its artificial intelligence is being tested, trained and supervised by the people.

What comes to mind is that what is that particular something that makes M’s artificial intelligence and programming so different and special from the others already available to the users. Facebook M has the ability to do stuff for the users. Yes, that means exactly what it sounds like. Facebook M completes your tasks for you.

Although many other artificial intelligence based services are available in the market, Facebook M is designed to complete your tasks on your behalf. With Facebook M, people can purchase items, book restaurants and hotels and make travel arrangements and even send gifts to your loved ones. Sooner or later, a new button will be embedded inside the Facebook Messenger Application allowing the users to turn Facebook M on or off. Then, you can ask M for the location of the nearest fast food restaurant or send a gift over to a loved one, along with many other promisingly satisfactory functionalities.

Anything that can not be handled by M itself will be dealt with by one of the trainers of M. The user might ask M to book a birthday party for a friend and M might end up booking a very cool spot for the celebrations but at the end of the night, a person just might surprise your friend by sending in a gift of their own for your friend. Yes, that is exactly how big Facebook M is appearing to be.

Facebook M

This is all there is that we currently know about Facebook M, and this huge update is to take a long time before meeting its realization, as updating the 700 million Facebook Messenger users will take its time. But once its out, Facebook M is sure to bring a lot of changes in the experience of the Facebook Messenger users.

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