Recover deleted photos on android

Android has been one of the leading platforms for the smartphone users and there is absolutely no limit to what the users can perform on their android devices. But the fact still remains that even as much big as a genius you might consider yourself, everybody is bound to make some common mistakes and then regret the outcomes. An Android device is no different.

Many users commonly delete important stuff from their devices and then wish there was a way they could just undo what they mistakenly did. One of the more common issue is that the users end up deleting their important photographs and then look for ways to get them back. The good news is that iTechify just has what the users need in order to recover deleted photos on android.

Written below is a simple guide on how to recover deleted photos on android. Another important thing to mention is that this process requires Root Privileges on your android device.

Recover deleted photos on android

Recover Deleted Photos on Android

The first thing that you need to do is to turn off your Wi-Fi or any other data connections immediately. The reason behind this is simple. Once a data is deleted from your device, it actually isn’t deleted unless the memory where the data existed has been overwritten by something new. In that case, your data is unfortunately gone for good. Once done, you’re now ready to recover deleted photos on android. Just follow these steps:

Guide to Recover Deleted Photos:

  1. Download Dr. Fone for Android by Wondershare, which is available for both Mac and PC.
  2. Install Dr. Fone, launch the application and register yourself. You’ll come across a screen asking you to connect your android device to your PC.
  3. Connect your android device to your PC using a USB cable. For this method to work, please note that you need to have USB Debugging enabled on your android device. If you do not have it enabled, simple go to Settings and then scroll down to About Phone. Tap the Build Number repeatedly until you are prompted that the Developer Options have been enabled. Back in your Settings, you’ll see an additional Developer Options at the bottom. Open it and check USB Debugging. You will see a notification on Dr. Fone indicating that USB debugging has now been enabled.
  4. Once your android device is connected to your PC, you’ll get a list of categories, such as Contacts, Messaging, Call History, Audio, Gallery. to choose from. We’re here to recover deleted photos on android, so we will only check the Gallery.
  5. Next, Dr. Fone will ask if you want to scan All Files or just the Deleted Files. If you’re looking for a quick recovery of deleted photos, choose the Deleted Files option.
  6. You will then be prompted with an RSA Key on your smartphone. Accept it in order to make a secure connection between your android device and your PC.
  7. Next, Dr. Fone will reboot your device. Ignore any other prompts you get on your PC and grant any permissions required by Dr. Fone via your android device. Just let Dr. Fone do its thing.
  8. Once finished, you’ll get a screen on Dr. Fone showing you all your deleted photographs. All that is left now is to choose the photos that you want to recover and hit the Recover button.

This process might take a little while but we assure you that you won’t find a better one out there. Please feel free to leave any queries in the comments below and we will respond to you as soon as possible.



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