Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness Issue

One of the most loved smartphone in the market these days, the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. It is one of the fastest smartphone out there, with the processing power of 1.5GHz, make of this processor is Exynos 7420. which is accompanied by 4GB RAM, these specs are enough to make this smartphone a monster when it comes to speed. Today we will be talking about how to fix Galaxy S6 Edge auto brightness issue.

Talking about the body and design. Screen of S6 Edge and Edge+ is curved which makes them stand out from the rest of smartphones in the market. Accompanied by very attractive design and body. On the downside, it doesn’t have a microSD slot and battery is unremovable.

After purchasing such an expensive and impressive smartphone, some of the customers are facing an issue. The issue is Auto Brightness, which is always on. Even if you turn off the auto brightness feature from the settings, the light sensor changes the brightness of the screen on its will, like if you will go out in sun, the brightness of the phone will change to maximum. Likewise if you are in dim light, the brightness will be dim. No matter how much you try to adjust it according to your will, the light sensor will keep on changing the brightness of the screen according to the light of surrounding. This is very annoying at times, And this behaviour of phone is not acceptable by most of the users, and they are very furious about it.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness Issue:

Talking about how to fix galaxy s6 edge auto brightness issue. People have tried third party apps to adjust the brightness of screen but those apps are not helping as well. Although, the problem does not seems to be of the hardware, it is a glitch or you may call it a bug in the Samsung Touchwiz. People have contacted Samsung regarding this problem, who have accepted it as a bug and most probably they will release its fix in the next update.

Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness

As this problem is of Touchwiz, if you flash a custom ROM in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, It will be solved. but If you went with a custom rom, you will lose all the Samsung features. Which I imagine would be the notifications on the edge display, camera, etc. My experience though is that custom roms are just not up to par with stock experience. I would probably wait for an update. If Samsung has acknowledged it, they’re probably working on a fix (specially if it’s just a software glitch). If I were you, I’d simply wait for the fix. Some new products tend to have glitches every now and then.In case of using a custom ROM, Edge features won’t work.

Alternate Complex Method to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness:

A developer at XDA developers has finally identified and fixed the bug, which was found in the .Jar script. Following are the details about the bug and its fix. Using this method which is a bit complex, light sensor won’t dim or brighten the screen brightness if auto brightness is turned off and the edge features will work fine.

Check out the following video which demonstrates the Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness issue.

Moving on to How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness Issue. For that you will have to download the Services.jar file according to the Model number of Samsung Galaxy Edge or Edge+ device and replace it with the existing file present in your system.

Note: This Fix only work for Deodexed ROMS,If you want to create Deodex firmware for Android Lollipop, Download the toolkit from this guide and deodex your S6 Edge device.

After downloading the right services.jar file according to build number of your device.

  • Locate the Services.jar file in your system
  • It will be present at System/framework.
  • Make a backup of your original file. Copy it and paste it in some other folder and rename it with .car extension.
  • Now move the services.jar file that you downloaded from above link into System/framework folder.
  • From the properties, set the permissions to rw- r- r- .
  • Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device.

This fix for the S6 Edge device’s Auto brightness bug is developed by a senior member of XDA developers named as ultimateWaffel, If this worked out for you give thanks to him on this guide.

If you are not willing to try the above method, you should try the following few tips which can be helpful to fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness Issue:

  • Disable Car Mode
  • Delete any E-reader app.
  • Switch to Touchwiz Easy mode.
  • Wipe Cache partition (It is easy, it does not Deletes apps or data). See this guide on how to wipe cache partition.

That’s all on how to fix Galaxy S6 Edge auto brightness issue, If you have any issue regarding the above solution, share with us in the comments, we will try our best to help you out. If you know some other solution on how to fix Galaxy S6 Edge auto brightness issue, Share with us and our visitors in the comments.

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I pay so much for this phone. I like the features, but it has so many glitches. This is my 5th Galaxy s6 phone and it too has glitches. Maybe I am extremely unlucky when it comes to phones or the majority of galaxy phones have glitches. My first phone had text that kept changing colors. My Second phone had problems playing videos that I recorded, the other two had screen and battery issues…Then I went to the phone store and spent three hours getting another phone and smart switching my information over and now my phone has a brightness… Read more »


Hello i have a samsung galaxy s6 active model samsung-sm-g890a with the same issue and i cant find any solutions for it does any1 have any advice?


Hi Im looking for a bug fix for my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
My model number is SM-G928I
I appreciate any help you can do for me.