Add Chrome Bookmarks To Android Home Screen

Google chrome is a very popular web browser and is known to be one of the fastest browsers out in the market. Millions of users use Google Chrome both on their handheld cellular devices as well as their desktops. One of the basic capabilities that Google Chrome provides is the ability for the users to bookmark specific pages that are to be visited occasionally.

Users bookmark their favorite pages so that they may be able to visit that specific page with a single click of a button or a single tap, as far as handheld devices are concerned, rather then having to type the entire page address again. The desktop version of Google Chrome displays a bookmarks bar at the very top, just below the address bar, for the users to simply click on a bookmark and be redirected to that certain page. For the application on the handheld devices, however, the users have to open up the settings and then go to the bookmarks section in order to view their bookmarks and visit a bookmarked page.

When a user opens up the Google Chrome application on their handheld device, they are displayed thumbnails of their recently visited pages. But that’s not enough not is it? If the user wishes to visit a bookmarked page, which is supposedly not in the recently visited thumbnails, the user has to open the list of bookmarked pages by going into the settings. You can avoid this extra step by following this simple 6 step guide on how to add Chrome bookmarks to Android home screen. Through this, you would be able to visit a bookmarked page directly from your devices home screen.

Add Chrome Bookmarks To Android Home Screen

Written below is our simple 6 step guide on: How to add Chrome bookmarks to Android home screen.

How To Add Chrome Bookmarks To Android Home Screen

  1. Tap and hold your finger on your home screen.
  2. From the menu that appears, select Widgets.
  3. Once inside the Widgets, select the “Chrome” or the “Chrome Bookmarks” Widget.
  4. A list will pop up showing all of your bookmarked pages.
  5. Select your desired bookmarked page.
  6. An icon will appear on your home screen, with the name of the bookmarked page as the thumbnail.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to have space on your home screen in order for the Widget to be placed there. Once done, you’ll have much ease when you wish to view a bookmarked page. We hope that our simple guide on how to add chrome bookmarks to android home screen was helpful to you.


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