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In the world of smartphones, everything is now in your hands. You just have to tap and you will get what you want. Android has came up with an amazing service just to make our lives simple and to reduce our costs in many aspects. Like Apply Pay, now, Android also brings Android Pay service. It’s Tap. Pay. Done. service that is only for U.S resident users.

How it works

Now, you don’t need any wallet or any debit or credit card. All you need is an Android phone with an Android Pay. You don’t need to open an app to pay. With Android Pay, just unlock your phone and place it near to a contactless terminal and you are done. That is why, it is a Tap and Pay service.

Services by Android Pay

Android Pay is offering you a very simpler and secure way to pay. It will facilitate you with many simple but useful services like it will store gift cards and loyalty cards for ease. You can pay with your Android phone. At start, Android Pay is covering over one million locations across U.S.

You can also track all the payment activities. Whenever a purchase will be made, you will receive a payment confirmation. Payment confirmation will show you all the required details e.g. place where transaction was made and also name and number of merchant will be send. In this way, you can track your payments 24/7.

Android Pay also gives you some offers on loyalty points. These loyalty points and offers will automatically apply at checkout when you tap at select merchants.


Android Pay works with all NFC-enabled devices. It is compatible with KitKat 4.4 and onward. There is no compulsion of any particular mobile carrier. It works will all mobile carriers. Debit and credit cards of four major payments networks will be supported by Android Pay. These payment networks are American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Android Pay

You can add your cards from any of these participating banks: American Express, Bank of America, Discover, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC, Regions Bank, USAA, and U.S. Bank. Few banks will be added soon. These are Capital One, Citi and Wells Fargo.


To keep your card information safe, your actual debit or credit card number will not be send to the merchant while you are making a purchase. Instead, Android Pay uses virtual account number to represent your account information that provides an extra layer of security. So you don’t need to worry about your card details.

You don’t need to worry if you lost your phone. To lock your device, you can use Android Device Manager. It will instantly lock your device from anywhere. You can assign a new password or can even wipe your device clean of your personal information.

Stores and Apps

Android Pay is facilitating you with more than one million stores. You can find few of them below.

Android Pay

There are many more stores in the list and still adding more. Android Pay is also adding thousands of Android apps. But in apps purchase through Android Pay is not available right now. Following apps will be added soon.
Android Pay


Its just a three step process to setup Android Pay.

Step 1: If you have an Android phone then most probably Android Pay will be preloaded in your device. If its not there then you can simply download this app from Google Play Store.
Step 2: If you already added your card in your Google account then you can add it to Android Pay. It will require few confirmation steps. If your Google account has not activated then you can add a new card from any of the participating banks mentioned above.
Android Pay
Step 3: Now, you are all good. Start visiting the stores and use Android Pay where contactless payments are accepted.

Android Pay is very simple to use. Just choose an Android phone, add your debit or credit card information and you are all good. Now enjoy fast, easy and simple purchasing with Android Pay.

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