How to Restart Android Phone into Safe Mode

While troubleshooting some software problems, it is mandatory to restart android phone into safe mode. You can use safe mode to use the app manager to remove third-party apps.

In computers, we have been sorting out our problems since windows 98 and XP, In this post, I will guide you how can you restart android phone into safe mode. The best approach to troubleshoot a problem with your Android phone is to remove third-party apps one by one and then monitor the performance of your android phone.

Note: If your phone restarts automatically into safe mode, then there is some problem with your phone. A recently installed app might be causing that problem. The best option to tackle this problem is to uninstall any recently installed app that might be causing this malfunction.

How to Restart Android Phone into Safe Mode

Before moving forward, note that you won’t be able to open the apps and other stuff. There will be a constant notice on the left corner of your phone screen. Safe mode is the best way to figure out if the problem of your Android phone is due to some app installed or its a problem in your operating system or you may call it ROM.

Remember that Safe mode is for all apps. You can’t just troubleshoot by disabling just one app. If you are in safe mode, every third-party app you have installed on your Android phone will be disabled.

Now let us move on to how can you enter into Safe mode in your Smartphone:

  • First of all Press and hold power button of your Android phone.
  • When you will be asked to turn off your phone, tap and hold the power button.
  • Your phone will prompt you to enter safe mode, like in the following picture.

How to Restart Android Phone into Safe Mode

  • Tap on Ok.

Your Android phone will restart into Safe mode.

Now if you want to get out of safe mode, just turn your Android phone off. When you will turn it on again, you will be out of safe mode. If you have a problem getting out of safe mode, as reported in some Sony devices. Hold power button and volume down button till the phone restarts. When you will turn on the phone again it will be out of Safe mode. If you’re still not able to get out of Safe mode. Take out android phone battery and sim for 20 seconds, then put the sim and battery and turn your phone on.

If you have any issue regarding how to How to Restart Android Phone into Safe Mode. Let us know in the comments if you have any issue or you can’t find its solution anywhere. you can write to us using the contact us form, we will try our best to find a solution to your problem.

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