Fix snapchat lag on Nexus 5x

Many users of Nexus 5X have reported lag of snapchat while using. The lag is so intense that people are even forced to stop using it. It’s quite frustrating for users, we will talk about how to fix Snapchat lag on Nexus 5X.

I have also seen reports of Snapchat lagging on Motorola devices. It might be an issue in the app that is not matching with the Nexus 5X OS. Snapchat is one of those apps which are used almost all the time by people. This issue is proving to be really troublesome for the Nexus 5X users. Although Google will fix snapchat Lag on Nexus 5X in its upcoming update, but there is a trick that has worked for some folks and they are not experiencing the lag any more. Snapchat has a thing for Android, the quality of app developed for iOS is not same as the one developed for Android. Snapchat doesn’t takes high resolution pictures in Android phone although the quality of pictures taken from iOS devices is really good.

How to Fix Snapchat Lag on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6:

Basic reason behind the lag of any phone is that the app is not getting the required resources to function properly, or its consuming way more resources than it is supposed to use in order to carry out normal functionality.

In my opinion. Snapchat application developed for android is not up to the mark. looks like Snapchat has some beef against Android. The snaps quality and overall performance of Snapchat app on iOS in a lot more better than Android.

People have tried factory resetting the Phone, they have also uninstalled and reinstalled Snapchat, But these fixes are not permanent, they just fix the app for a while.

So let’s move on to the trick to fix Snapchat lag on Nexus 5X. All you have to do is to turn on the travel mode and the snapchat starts working properly, using less resources so the lag is minimum, some people have also said that they don’t see lag at all after turning on “Travel Mode“.

  • Open Snapchat App, click on snapchat icon present at the top middle of screen.
  • Now click on the Setting gear.
  • Go to Additional Services and tap on Manage.
  • Turn on the Travel Mode.

Other known solutions of Lagging Snapchat on Nexus 5X or Nexus 6:

If enabling the travel mode does not fix snapchat lag on Nexus 5X, then do the following steps:

  1. First of all clear cache of Snapchat App:
    • Goto Setting > App Manager > Select Snapchat > Clear Cache.
  2. Remove Snapchat from Battery Optimisation:
    • Goto Settings -> Battery ->Battery optimization (Its present in the menu icon at the top right corner of screen).
    • Select Snapchat and select don’t optimise.

If not only snapchat but you are also facing lag in other camera apps as well like via taking pictures then follow the steps below to clear cache of Nexus 5x.

Clear Cache Partition of Nexus 5X:

It is good to wipe cache of your phone once in a while for better performance. Moveover, it is fruitful to fix snapchat lag on Nexus 5X or Nexus 6.

Note: Clearing Cache won’t delete any data present on your phone. It only wipes the cache of each app and system.

  • First of all turn off your Nexus 5X.
  • Now press and hold Volume down and Power button. Release the buttons when you see Android laying on its back and large box on the top.
  • Now use volume button to navigate to Recovery menu. (Press volume down button twice and you will see recovery menu written in that box.)
  • Press Power button to select.
  • Now your phone will reboot. Hold on till you see an android figure in the background.
  • Now press and hold power button and tap volume up button.
  • Now you will see number of options on the screen. Use Volume button to navigate to Wipe Cache Partition.
  • Use power button to select it. Now cache partition will be wiped.

It will take some time. Don’t freak out and don’t forcefully restart your phone it will cause your phone to get into boot loop. Wait for like 10-15 minutes you will get a message on the screen that cache partition successfully formatted.

If nothing works out. Download the earlier version of snapchat from here and try it on your phone.

Update: After the latest Android Oreo, I have noticed massive lag on Nexus 5X. Factory reset solved the problem for me.

People have reported that this issue is recent on Nexus 5X. Google should look into actual solution to this problem, till then use this trick which will minimise the lag. If you have any other solution to Snapchat lag on Nexus 5X, do share with us.

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This also appeared to work for me on nexus 6 running android 6.0.1

Abdullah Akbar Shafi

I am glad it worked for you.


This worked for me on the Nexus 5x.


5x is laggy as hell again. Look like oreo causes massive slowdowns.

Abdullah Akbar Shafi

Try factory reset I was having same issues after Android 8, factory reset solved the issue for me.