Logout from Facebook messenger Android

You might have noticed that there isn’t any option to logout from Facebook messenger Android app. It can be really annoying sometimes when you cant seem to figure out a way to logout from messenger. As you dont want to appear online and when you get out of options to appear offline, you end up deleting the facebook messenger app.

Facebook app on android uses a lot of RAM, there is some serious problem with the facebook app in android. many people have reported that it juices their phone battery really quickly. Another issue with facebook messenger app is that it does not have logout or signout option. There isn’t any easy way or normal way to signout of your facebook account on facebook messenger. There are times when you don’t want people to see you online and you don’t want them to bother you, so you want to logout from your facebook app as well as messenger, there is a option to signout from the Facebook app, but when it comes to Facebook messenger, there isn’t any option.

You might have noticed even if you disable the option to appear active or online on facebook messenger, there is always a doubt and you are always wondering, if you’re appearing online to your facebook friends.

How to Logout from Facebook Messenger Android App

I will be discussing two methods on how to logout from facebook messenger android app, they are not the easy way around, like just clicking on the logout button, but these methods will get the job done.

Method 1 to Logout from Facebook Messenger Android app:

For the first method, there are just few steps which are as follows:

  • Close Facebook messenger app.
  • Remove it from the recent applications (This is must otherwise you wont be logged out).
  • Now Goto Settings > Apps Manager > Locate Facebook Messenger.
  • Now tap on Facebook messenger.
  • You will see the details about the app like in below screenshot, tap on Clear data and Clear Cache.

Logout from Facebook messenger Android App

  • That’s it, Now go back to your Facebook Messenger and open it, you will be logged out of your facebook account.

There is another method to logout from Facebook messenger app which is as follows, if above method doesn’t works for you try the one below.

Method 2 to Logout from Facebook Messenger Android App:

Now lets move on to 2nd method to logout from facebook messenger Android app. know that this method also works for iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad. In case you were wondering if iOS apps does not have the option to logout from facebook messenger. Yeah, you got it right. Even iPhones does not have option to logout from facebook messenger, and the only way to logout on iPhone is as follows. This method takes few steps but like the above one, it gets the job done and logs you out of facebook messenger.

Now lets move on to the guide:

  • First of all, open Facebook App (Not the Messenger).
  • Now on top right you will see option like in the following screenshot. the three bars, it represent menu. Tap on it.
  • Now tap on the Account settings.

Logout from Facebook messenger Android

  • In Account Settings you will see option of Security. Tap on it.
  • In Security Settings, you will see an option of Where you’re logged in. Tap on it.
  • In this option, you will see all the devices and locations from where you are logged in from.
  • Locate Facebook Messenger.
  • Kill that Active session named as Facebook Messenger for Android, or something like that.
  • Now go check and open Facebook messenger, you will be logged out.

That’s it, Let us know in the comments, what do you think? Why facebook has not provided an option to logout from messenger app? 

If you have any issues regarding the above guide on how to logour from facebook messenger Android, let us know in the comments. You can also write to us about any issue you’re facing in your Android or iOS devices.