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Nowadays, it is very common to share files between different mobile devices via Bluetooth or other mediums in smartphones. If your phone does not have stores to download apps. You can use these apps for APK sharing. In order to share apps, games or other large files between Android devices or even from Android to iOS and Windows devices you have to go for the best apps providing these features.

Best Apps for File and APK Sharing

There are lots of tools for this purpose with the same purpose and common features. Here, we have compiled the best Android apps to share APKs and files.

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If you are looking for the virtual tool that have a full control over all the applications that are installed on your mobile then go for AppWererabbit. It is one of the best apps that manage APK files on your device. You can do various tasks such as import, export, and backup and manage your Android APK files. Applications that support App2SD installed in your SD card can be passed by AppWererabbit. You can share exciting and fun applications with your contacts. You can also clear cache both automatically and manually, share and send APK files to the cloud storage. It also allows you to search the device’s storage for .apk files in order to install or rename them.

You can download AppWererabbit from the following link.

Download AppWererabbit


If you don’t use 3G or data then you don’t need to worry about it because Xender only requires an Android phone with a Wifi support. That is why this application is different from other applications. After installation, you have to create a profile. To pair your phone with another device, make sure that Xender is installed on another device too.

You can transfer files through Wifi. You can also install different Android applications quickly. It will allow you to transfer various types of files such as images, videos, audio music, contacts and even APK sharing.

You can download Xender from the following link.

Download Xender


Superbeam application is a very useful and fast application through which you can transfer any kind of files via Wifi. The sharing of files will be done between two devices having the same application. It allows you to share various types of files including ZIP files, photos, videos and APKs.

Before sharing, you have to pair the devices. If the devices support QR codes and NFC then you can pair the devices using these. The only requirement is that both the devices should be connected to the same Wifi network.

You can download SuperBeam from the following link.

Download SuperBeam


SHAREit is a very interesting and useful application. It has many handy features which give users much ease. Using this application, you can easily share files with your contacts using the same application. This app also allows you Inter-platform file transfer from Android to iPhone and PC and vice versa. You can access the files of your PC like Windows 7, Windows 8 using this application.

You can download SHAREit from the following link.

Download SHAREit

App Backup & Restore

If you need to create a backup of your apps, then App Backup & Restore is best for you. It creates a backup of any app and even .apk files. It allows you to send files via email and also provides cloud storage. It is a great app for APK sharing.

To download App Backup & Restore, follow the link given below.

Download App Backup & Restore

Download any of the above apps and enjoy the amazing features. Share your experience with us. If you know any other top-rated Android file and APK sharing apps then share with us.

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