top 5 reasons to buy LG G5

LG G5 is the first modular phone, with removeable battery and number of unique features that makes it one the most anticipated phone of 2016.

LG G5 was showcased at Mobile world congress 2016 Barcelona. LG’s latest flagship smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow has full metal body. You get the full metal body and yet it still has sd card slot and removable battery. So they didn’t upgrade and cut those essential features. It has 5.3 inch screen still bright as ever with QHD display and it has fingerprint scanner to unlock the screen on its back.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy LG G5

Now let’s look at the Top 5 reasons to buy LG G5, below features are my personal opinion, you might agree or disagree, but these features will, for sure, make LG G5 stand out among its competitors.

top 5 reasons to buy LG G5


Modular Design

One of the most unique things about lG G5 is that, you can swap out the battery through this modular add-on system. It has a removeable battery that lot of other smartphone manufacturers don’t have. It takes a little bit of struggle, but you can add in a new battery and pop the back in, that it  you’re good to go.

top 5 reasons to buy LG G5 1

Bang & Olufsen Audio Module

LG partnered up with Bang & Olufsen. The danish company for high quality crystal clear audio. You have to slide in the modular part of Bang & Olufsen and you plug in your headphones to get high quality audio on apps that supports it and the music that supports it. So plugs in and you can power it on to listen up.

top 5 reasons to buy LG G5 3

Elimination of App Drawer

Another thing you will notice is that the LG G5 upgraded the software, but there is a downgrade in app drawer. You wont find the app drawer. All the apps are present on the home screen. They say its more simple and easier to use. So you can get to your desired app quickly, unless you have a lot of apps.

Two Back Cameras

On the back of Lg g5, you will notice there are not just a one camera but two. There is a 8 megapixel camera and a 16 megapixel camera.

8 mega pixel may be seems inferior, but its not. It has this wide angle lens that can capture the entire shot. So if you’re looking to pose in front of a building, you’re not just gonna get you and your friends in the shot, you will also get entire environment

top 5 reasons to buy LG G5

Always on Display

One of the key features is “Always On Display”. You can check the time without actually powering on your smartphone and it only takes little bit of battery, only 0.8 percent per hour. So it won’t drain your battery. And you can always check time, great feature for those who don’t want to wear a smartwatch.

top 5 reasons to buy LG G5

More exciting features other than the above stated top 5 reasons to buy LG G5 includes USB C Port. On the bottom LG G5 has the USB C connection that is new standard for Android phones. It is reversible, so you can plug it anyway you want, you will never have a problem like, I don’t know which way to go in.

So if you’re worried about running out of space? Dont..! because the LG G5 has a nano sim card slot and a microSD card slot.

top 5 reasons to buy LG G5

Overall LG G5 looks like a very promising phone. It has this metal unibody design and it doesn’t gives up the key features like removable battery and the microSD card slot. And the software is upgraded but its missing the app drawer, you may love that or you may hate that. But I think every body will rally behind that two cameras along with wide angle lens.

That’s all from from our side, if you think some other features should be mentioned in Top 5 Reasons to Buy LG G5, write to us in the comments, your feedback is appreciated, you can also give your opinion in favour or against the above mentioned top 5 reasons to buy LG G5.

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