maintain privacy on Android phones

I am just trying to minimize how much of my information can be used by anyone who wants it. What apps or tactics do you use to keep your phone safe from government and third-party spying programs? Curious if anyone feels the same. So I looked into ways to protect my data and privacy. I did some research and came up with some tips to maintain privacy on Android phones. Although it’s quite difficult to strike a balance between usability and privacy.

maintain privacy on Android phones

Some Tips to Maintain Privacy on Android:

I’m trying to find that balance between ease of use and security. When apps ask for permission to access certain parts on my phone. I assume it’s so that the app can do its job. I’m not completely stupid I understand there are over-reaches and extra, unnecessary permissions but does limiting access cause issues within apps?

Would like to encrypt my phone but then I wouldn’t be able to use my fingerprint to unlock it. If you really want to lock it down. Install a custom ROM without gapps and use f-droid to replace Google services with open source apps.

Following are some apps that you should use instead of conventional apps to minimize the chances of your data getting into someone else’s hands.

  • ExpressVPN ensures a secure and high-speed connection.
  • Use Afwall+ to limit internet access to only apps that really need it.
  • About:config: beacon.enabled set to false, safe browsing entries set to false but this one is optional.
  • Signal Private Messenger for encrypted texting and Phone calls. (RedPhone and TextSecure both made end-to-end encryption accessible to privacy-conscious folks who just want to download an app. The formerly kept calls private, while the latter dealt with texts)
  • Placemask enables you to spoof your GPS location.
  • Private Internet Access allows me to encrypt all data leaving my phone through a VPN
  • Firefox with privacy extensions for secure browsing.
  • K9mail is connected to my email for email privacy.
  • Boxcryptor so that everything I upload to Google Drive is encrypted and safe.
  • Dashlane to manage all my passwords.
  • Tinfoil for Facebook.
  • Root, Install Xposed and use x privacy.
  • Enable encryption in system settings.

That’s all I could come up with to maintain privacy on Android phones. If you would like to recommend some other great apps for privacy-conscious people. feel free to mention them in the comments. We are open to discussion if you want to give your point of view let us know in the comments. Privacy is a major concern in this era, the early you realize this fact the better it will be for you.

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