3 android apps

I was sitting in a class when my friend asked me, “What are the apps that I am not using and need to check out?”. I told him about the three android apps mentioned in the post below. Each of them is a really great app, and you guys need to try it out. For the apps to be great, it doesn’t mean they have to be new with all that flash and stuff. No, what makes the app best is its functionality, purpose, features, and interface.

3 Android Apps I can’t live without

Following are the 3 Android Apps I can’t live without. You guys should let us know about your favorite apps in the comments. We would love to hear you guys out.


3 android apps

FlightTrack is one of my all-time favorite travel companions. I use this app whenever I am on the move. It makes my traveling so easy. It guides me updates me regarding the schedule update or change. It also tells me about the airport gates when I am about to catch a flight. It’s fast and beneficial while traveling. Surely worth using if you are always on the go.


3 android apps

Venmo is a great gateway for online transactions, and it is the number one app for mobile transactions. You can use it for everything, including splitting the check at the hotel, and Venmo can also use it to charge paying guests for utilities. Venmo is great for dealing with all kinds of earnings and sharing the cost among peers and friends.

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3 android apps

CamScanner is a great productivity app. It has made my life easy at college and work. It can scan the documents, and they are ready for printing. It greyscales the image or applies some algorithms that make the text on the document prominent and easy to read. After scanning a document from CamScanner can be easily printed; the result is exactly the same as if you have scanned the document using a scanner, not a smartphone camera. It’s great for scanning notes at college and office documents at work. After scanning the document, you can also save it in PDF format.

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That’s it from my side. Let us know about your choice in the comments. Please give us your favorite apps and tell us why and how they are great. Subscribe to this blog and keep updated regarding Android and iOS news, reviews, and guides. You can also request or discuss your tech problem or issues with us. Feel free to hit us up. We love helping out others. Finally, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Google Plus, and follow us on Twitter.

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