Solution of Galaxy S6 Microphone Issues

Samsung Galaxy S6 microphone issues have been problematic for many users. Over the passage of time the microphone of phone starts acting weirdly, with many reports of voice not reaching the recipient over phone calls. Although the phone works fine in speaker or while its connected to handsfree or bluetooth.

Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphone of current time. It has great processing power and sleek and stylish body. S6 bestowed Samsung with something to compete in market where every smartphone has something unique and amazing. Many users of Galaxy S6 are contented with it and they are not even planning to move to the latest flagship of Samsung that is Galaxy S7.

Solution of Galaxy S6 Microphone Issues

I have compiled some methods that can help you to fix Galaxy S6 microphone issues. These solutions are very handy and you don’t even need to take your phone to some phone repair shop to get it fixed. Most probably the following solutions will fix the problem.

  • Use a thin sharp needle to clean the debris inside the microphone hole.

Use a thin needle and clean the microphone hole, use compressed air to blow away all the dirt once it’s loosened. Microphone hole is present right next to speaker holes and along with charging jack. See the small hole present right beside speaker holes (larger ones) in the picture below.

Solution of Galaxy S6 Microphone Issues

  • Tap on Phone Icon-> Keypad -> Menu Button – > Settings -> Call Settings -> Additional Settings -> Noise reduction -> Uncheck it.

This method is not a full fix but it will surely help in delivering better audio over the call from your side of the call.

  • Make sure youre not covering the microphone from your little finger.

People who use left hand to attend call are more prone to this issue as they hold phone in a way that their little finger covers the microphone hole.

  • Factory reset Galaxy S6

Although there are rare chances that Galaxy S6 microphone issues are because of software glitch, but its recommended to factory reset your phone one in a while. It eliminates bugs and malicious data present inside the phone that might be causing the problem.

Note:Backup your phone before factory reset as it deletes all the data including messages and contacts. See this guide on how to backup your Galaxy S6.

Following are the steps to perform Factory Reset on your Galaxy S6.

  1. Turn Off your Galaxy S6.
  2. Press Volume up, Power Button and Home button simultaneously.
  3. Leave the buttons when you see Android figure on the screen.
  4. Now use volume buttons to navigate to wipe data/Factory reset. use power button to select it.
  5. Use volume button to navigate to Yes, delete all data.

That’s it. I hope these solutions for Galaxy S6 microphone issues help you to resolve the problem. If you have any question regarding any method above. Let me know in the comments. If you have any suggestions, you can also share with us in the comments. Do give us feedback if this guide helped you to solve microphone issues in Galaxy S6.

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Stíofán Ó Baoighill
Stíofán Ó Baoighill

Turn off “Advanced LTE Services” in the “Mobile Data” tab. This fixed my problem with loss of microphone in phone calls on my Galaxy S6.

Stíofán Ó Baoighill

Ali golabkesh
Ali golabkesh

Thanks so much.
Just by cleaning inside microphne port the problem solved.


The method you mention above its good but in my problem it is unbelievable I have tried every thing full formate install firmware via odin root unroot changing of mic earpiece even ching in with new lcd becouse some one says it’s a problem of charging port so finally I replace the complete lcd block with new one but no solution the phone mic works fine with WiFi like skype imo viber WhatsApp etc all the apps is work fine but on network no voice in incoming calls and outgoing call the mic not work the phone is unlocked by… Read more »